Inkwell Surf Sponsors Trinidadian Surfers

By Rhonda R. Harper
Updated: April 11, 2007

Trinidadian Up & Coming Surfer Brian Joseph Ramcharan

Trinidadian Up & Coming Surfer Brian Joseph Ramcharan

CALIFORNIA — Inkwell Surf has signed on Brian Joseph Ramcharan as ambassador. Brian Joseph’s outstanding performance in the Sans Souci Pro caught my eye. Brian will join team members Justin Tolbert, Danny Arnold, Chad Tulik and Dore’ Madere.

The Caribbean Surf Network held the Sans Souci Pro this past March 3-4. This was the first event of the Caribbean Surf Network Professional Tour. Brian Joseph seemed to stand out with an exemplary performance throughout the day.

He showed his talent by using his hometown knowledge to complete his mission of advancing to the finals by overcoming an interference call. He managed to come through and make it with his last and highest scoring ride. Sans Souci Pro was Brian’s debut as a professional surfer.

At days end, Brian Joseph came in second place to his cousin and training partner, Chris Dennis. When asked by his cousin what is to be expected of him with his new sponsor, Chris simply replied, “Just go out there surf well, and be an ambassador”.

Brian is a 21-year old, regular foot Trinidadian surfer who lives in a rural fishing village on Trinidad’s east coast. “Brian Joseph has only been surfing four years, he is an exceptional talent. His potential is endless. He’s only one of a number of talented surfers in rural communities were equipment is expensive and hard to obtain”, says Warren Rostant of Surfing Association of Trinidad & Tobago.

Brian Joseph will represent Inkwell Surf in the next three CSN Pro Tour contests. Jamaica and Barbados are where the final contests will be held. His future with Inkwell Surf is looking bright.

Chris Dennis, Trinidadian pro surfer, explains the problems with getting sponsors to look at Trinidad for sponsorship.”It’s hard to get sponsored here. Sponsors want you to wear their clothes, but what we really need is boards”, Dennis added. Chris will be competing in his first ever ASP WQS contest at Trestles, California on April 24th.

Chris has also offered to assist with helping Inkwell’s Youth & Family Programs. He will speak to Inkwell Surf Earth Day participants. “I love helping others especially. I would be more than happy to help in any way I can”, said Dennis.

He continues, “I want to ask a question. Why Trinidad”? I responded, “Why not Trinidad? I just want to help those I can”.

Inkwell Surf is also working with Pro Trinidadian surfer and surfboard shaper Alan Davis. Alan is donating his time to shape boards for the up and coming surfers in Trinidad.

“I made a vow to God to use whatever earning I got from Toco to help these kids get surfboards”, Davis added. Inkwell Surf will also sponsor the supply the materials.

“Kids always come and ask for a board and I give them my boards”, said Davis. “They come at all hours of the day, just climb the fence”. He pauses as someone comes to ask him for a surfboard. Alan has just finished the final touches on his glassing room. He is going to shape Brian’s board first.

Davis is no new comer to shaping. He has been shaping boards for more than 10 years and has trained both in the United States and Europe. It’s a labor of love to him.

Davis has shaped over 900 boards and Brian has ridden some of Alan’s personal boards in the past. He supplies other Caribbean islands.

At the March 25th, the SATT held the Surfer of the Year event at Sans Souci, Chris Dennis finished first, Alan Davis second, Jason Apparicio third and Shane Hennaman finished fourth respectively.

Alan nearly stole the show with a huge floater and an air but failed to secure a solid second ride. Jason finished third but was later hospitalized after falling ill before the end of the finals.

Chris got his two scoring rides early in the final and spent the remaining 15 minutes attempting huge grab rail aerials. Newcomer Shane was solid all day, but couldn’t find his rhythm.

Davis recently added another title to him resume. He was the winner of the Brandons Pro Championships held in St. Michael, Barbados last week. Davis is also Vice President of the Surfing Association of Trinidad & Tobago.

Jason “Apps” Apparicio is reportedly feeling better and is looking forward to getting back in the water hopefully by this weekend.

“Just like here in the United States, Inkwell Surf is committed to giving youths the opportunity to enjoy surfing”, says Inkwell Surf’s Program Director, Mimi Lacy.

“We welcome Brian Joseph Ramcharan to our family”.