Houston Does It Again No Black Players On Their 2007 Roster

Updated: April 25, 2007



How is this for Pure BS

the owner of the Houston Astros

Texan Drayton McLane Jr. who

has an MLB team with NO

African Americans on its roster

again this season and now

for two seasons of the last three

serves on MLB’s executive committee

Baseball’s elite governing body

what a Big Surprise

What we see in endless examples is the fact MLB Baseball talks the Talk but sure does not walk the Walk when it comes to African Americans. Yes we have covered this story dozens of times from different angles and we will continue to do so until something REALLY changes. Or Hell freezes over.

What makes us more Sick than anything else is the Nonsense even most African Americans now buy into worst of all those still in Baseball like Willie Randolph, one of only TWO African American managers in the Majors, that in fact African Americans are the reason more African Americans are no longer in Baseball. You could just as well say African Americans are responsible for the fact there aren’t more African Americans in NASCAR. Or let’s go outside Sports.

The reason there aren’t more African American CEOs among American companies is African Americans. The reason there aren’t more African American judges is African Americans. The reason there aren’t more African American TV personalities is African Americans.

It is the ultimate Con Game and

it’s been around for ever

blame the Victims

for their Problem

Why are you poor. It’s your fault. Why don’t you have medical insurance. It’s your fault. Why do you go to a third rate public school. It’s your fault. On the other side of the tracks its the exact opposite side of the Con Game.

Why are so many White Americans CEOs of major corporations. It’s their intelligence and ability. Why are so many more White Americans rich. It’s their drive. Why do so many White Americans go to better schools. It’s their resourcefulness. What does all this, and all that goes with it mean.

The winners not only

write history as the

saying goes more

to the point they

create it so they

always Win

The fact is ladies and gentlemen we will say it again and again forever if that’s what it takes. THE REASON THAT AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE DISAPPEARING FROM BASEBALL IS BECAUSE BASEBALL IS ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN. Want some proof that all but the Brain Dead and the Pure Racists can understand.

Why is there such a dramatic increase in Latino players in the Majors over the last 15 years BECAUSE it is crystal clear MLB as policy and with ALL 30 MLB teams agreeing Baseball has made a major well financed decision to develop players in Latin America.

Had Baseball shown the same NEGLECT of Latin American players as it did BEFORE the decision as it has over the more recent period to African Americans there would be NO surge of Latino players in the Majors.

As Bad as that is for African Americans

it is far more insidious still

If there was any such thing as a Sports Court and going even further assuming it was unbiased and fair to all parties with impartial jurors and judges who made their decision on the facts not blatant biases ….

African Americans could go into that Sports Court with a massive Class Action suit claiming that the MLB and its 30 teams made a well hidden but nevertheless clear decision to drastically decrease its search for and development of African Americans precisely concurrent with the decision to cultivate Latin American players.

That these were not and are not unrelated developments but very much related that in the Sports Court we have “created” that sadly does not exist there is no doubt the decision of the Court would be unanimous …….

Ladies and Gentlemen

of the Jury have

you come to a Verdict

yes we have your Honor

how say you to the Charges

We the jury in the case of

African Americans versus

Major League Baseball

find MLB GUILTY on

all counts as charged that

MLB and its 30 teams

are GUILTY of

an illegal organized

Conspiracy to deny

African Americans

the same access

and resources

provided White Americans

and Latin America that

has resulted in the

major decrease in

African American players

and African American fans

we therefore award African Americans

$1 Billion in Damages for purposes

of developing young African Americans

to play Major League Baseball

Case Closed


Note that the Atlanta Braves have joined the “club” this season with NO African Americans on their roster. Houston and Atlanta two cities with large African American populations. Get ready for worse.

It is likely within 5 years or less there will be as many as 10 MLB teams without a single African American players. If it reaches that stage we have gone over the cliff and the idea that African Americans will ever re-emerge in Baseball will be pure fantasy. Even in 2005 there was one point during the season according to the NY Times where there were SIX MLB teams without ANY African American player on their rosters. SIX MLB teams.

If there was any truthfulness at all of Commissioner Selig’s constant barrage of “concern” Baseball would announce that it will use the exact same model employed in Latin America in African American communities.

Of course it never will. Certainly not if left to its own devices and allowed to spew out phony hypocritical tributes to Jackie Robinson and Africa Americans jump up to sew number 42 on their jerseys to make Bud Selig look like a Saint.

Instead of demanding Change in the name of Jackie Robinson African Americans bend over in large numbers and in effect say ” it’s our fault Black kids don’t want to play baseball and have exciting lucrative MLB careers.” The REAL “enemy” here is clear and he is very White.

Are you listening Willie Randolph ????

apparently not go parade around

with your number 42 that will

do a whole lot of


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