He’s Wright For Giants Right Behind Eli Manning

Updated: April 20, 2007



The life of the Backup Quarterback

it is a subject of continuing fascination

here in the Box it’s better than Nothing

even if sometimes it’s hard to appreciate

Today’s Saga is about Anthony Wright. It’s always about Black Quarterbacks here although with the rarest of exceptions it is as much about a White Quarterback. The one the Black QB is backing up or waiting on if you prefer.

If you need to be reminded what is ever intriguing about the Backup Quarterback no matter how good they are even if they are filled with potential they rarely or never play unless Disaster strikes. You can’t say the same about any other position on the Gridiron unless you include the Kicker.

In fact at any other position the more important the Starter the more likely the team looks for opportunities to give them some brief rest time. Just as well give their talented bench warmers some valuable play time to hone their skills. The second most important position after QB proves it well. No matter how great the NFL team’s premier running back he will not be in every play.

OK you’ve got the point by now

not that you needed the

refresher course

But it is a necessary part of the background every time we feature another Black Quarterback who would rather be in that position than any other on Earth except one Starting Quarterback. As of Thursday Anthony Wright is in that position with the correctly named New Jersey Giants ( not New York ). As he counts the months and weeks to pre-season training coming up fast in July.

Wright’s been doing this always a “bride’s maid” bit for 9 years now. Proving he’s good at it or he’s already be gone like so many other non-starting QBs who are forced to call it quits far sooner. This is Wright’s 5th Dream of Stardom. He began with Pittsburgh in 1999. From there to Dallas. On to Baltimore. And last season Wright backed up Carson Palmer in Cincinnati.

For all that Wright now 31, and running out of QB time, has played in a total of 28 NFL games of a possible 144 during that stretch. As a Starter he is 8-11. In total Wright has 598 passing attempts completing 331 for 3578 yard and passing percentage of 55.4. Not bad. Better than Starter Eli Manning. 54.1.

What all this proves is that some Backup QBs are talented and lucky enough to get some play time. Wright more than many. Equally how frustrating that is. Good enough to play sometime. Even Start some games but still so so so far away from that elusive goal of being THE Starting Quarterback.. And with each additional year Father Time takes the less likely it will happen.

This may well be Wright’s last serious chance to Shine and maybe beat the odds and actually spend a few brief seasons Starting. But the Odds are long. First of all Wright is going to have to compete against two others Tim Hasselbeck and Jared Lorenzen to be chosen Eli Manning’s Primary Backup.

One of these 3 is not even going to make it on to the regular season roster. Nobody carries 3 Backup Quarterbacks and guaranteed all 3 have “contracts” (sic) that can have them easily pink slipped and if they are lucky with a few dollars to take back home. To make things worse or better for Wright he is the Old Man of the 3. One of the eternal mysteries of the Backup. The Age Factor.

While the other two are younger generally an advantage Wright is more experienced. Since none of these 3 are being groomed as the Giants QB of the Future and with more extensive playing time Wright might have an advantage here. Plus even though these Jerseys Guys have 2 Backups on the Payroll they picked up Wright. Anyway. Not good for the other 2.

There’s more. At 288 lbs. and ponderous Jared Lorenzen is the most unlikely QB in the entire NFL. His spirit won him his non-playing back up role. But unless he’s been hitting the Slim Fast hard his days as a wannabe NFL QB may be numbered. Although you never know. For sure. In the real world.

As for Tim Hasselbeck he has a Big Brother just like Eli Manning does. In Hasselbeck’s case it is Matt of Seattle Seahawks fame. Sadly for Tim and good for Wright the younger Hasselbeck does not seem to have the Wright stuff !

In fact we’re getting to the point

using deductive reasoning

( aren’t we smart )

Primary Backup QB

for these Jersey Giants

is likely Wright’s to lose

and with Eli Manning

probably the most

over-rated Starter

in the NFL


( dream on Wright )

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