Here We Go Again Another MLB Franchise Is Up For White Grabs

Updated: April 3, 2007



This story is getting Boring

Very BORING it is

so so so repetitive

A Major League Baseball

Franchise becomes available

and lots of Rich White Guys

line up to try and buy it while

NO African Americans do

here come the Chicago Cubs

on the Block just Monday and

Rich White Guys are lining up

and NO African Americans

The Chicago Cubs are up for sale as a by product of a bidding war that had nothing at all to do with them. Groups of investors were vying to but the Tribune Company which owns the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times and Baltimore Sun among other media properties including 25 broadcast outlets.. It turns out the Cubs are just a minor part of this media empire that the new owner Zillionaire Sam Zell wants to unload at the end of this season to recoup some of the reported $11 Billion he is shelling out for the Whole Deal.

Depending on who you speak to the Chicago Cubs will fetch between $450 Million and $700 Million with legendary Wrigley Field thrown in. The fact that the Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series in almost 100 years will not deter anyone. From trying to make this Baseball Deal.

Heading the list of suitors is the famous or infamous take your choice Mark Cuban of Dallas Mavericks ownership fame, Phoenix sports executive Jerry Colangelo and just for laughs funny man Bill Murray. Be assured these 3 are just the tip of this Iceberg. Talking ICEBERGS make sense here because ALL these bidders no matter how long the list is will be White.

Yes yes yes

Most of them will add one or another African Americans as so called “minority partners” to spice up their bids and look good in front of the cameras. The usual suspects in this category include the likes of Colin Powell and Clinton buddy Super Negro Vernon Jordan. Minority – meaning have a very small stake – partners are the Biggest Joke in Baseball. They have absolutely nothing to do with the team, its decision making or management. Nothing.

Anyway …..

Just as with the last sale the Washington Nationals last year Bud Selig will spin his usual BS as being very interested in the possibility of African American ownership while working to insure that would never happen.

Expect the same here when some reporter asks him “Commissioner how about a Black owner for the Cubs.” ……. Bud Selig will reply ” Son I’m glad you asked me that question. Nothing would make me happier than for Major League Baseball to finally have a Black owner. That is one of my dreams.”

Then Bud will add ….

” Of course all the bidders will be judged on their merits and which potential owner is best qualified to own this storied franchise. We need the kind of individual with the type of success that will bring credit to this team and to Baseball so I say if you know any African Americans who fall into that category please ask them to call me. I’d be delighted to speak with them.”


” You must be kidding. Do you really expect myself or the 29 other White Owners to actually allow some Black guy to try and buy one of these valuables franchises. Do you really know any Blacks with the kind of money all these white guys who are interested have. You could say for African Americans, owning an MLB franchise is out of their League. Get it. Next question.”

Now allow the Box to bring its Two Usual Suspects into the equation who Baseball could NOT turn down IF they said they were heading a Black group to buy the Cubs. Good there they are together. Chicagoean Oprah Winfray and her buddy Tiger Woods. For all practical purposes 2 Billionaires that fall right in the same category of the White Boys who want to buy the Cubs.

As we have noted every other time an MLB, NFL or NBA franchise comes up for sale all these TWO would have to do is show the slightest interest and the P.Diddys, and Denzel Washingtons, and Beyonces, and the Spike Lees, and the Queen Latifahs of the Black World would come running with their wallets opened to be included in the Deal. BEGGING to be included.

And Bud Selig could not say NO

as much as he would be

Desperate to do that

but as we all know

Oprah DESPISES Sports

and Tiger would NOT

be caught DEAD doing a

deal with African Americans

for FEAR he’d be labeled one

so everyone will stay down

on the Plantation while

Some Rich White Boys

buy the Chicago Cubs

this story is getting

very very Boring

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