Harvard Racism

Updated: April 7, 2007

Harvard Racism Jesus On Cross ” DON’T FORGIVE THEM THEY KNOW “

Wasn’t Harvard a fine place

to be on Good Friday or

any day for that matter

considered by many

the finest College

in America

Whether that is True or not there is NO doubt there is NO “finer” college to attend and graduate if you want to get your ticket “punched.” For the naive or the just plain Stupid the REAL reason to go to college ….

……… specifically ELITE Colleges has nothing to do with learning and everything to do with POWER in these United States. A new generation of POWER emerges especially from HARVARD most of all to protect the Status Quo of Wealth and Privilege in America.

If you ( probably NOT you ) graduate from HARVARD and you have the right pedigree – not one of the Dregs they admit to puff up an egalitarian image – If you are one of the REAL graduates that Degree ushers you into the Halls of Power in business and government.

A well paying “entry” (sic) level job at Goldman Sachs, or as an Assistant to a U.S. Senator, or onto HARVARD law school then to Clerk for a Supreme Court Justice. ALL of these positions to prepare “you” (not you dear reader) to assume the Reins of Power as you rise up this gold plated Ladder, to make sure the Barbarians don’t crash the Gates.

So why all this PREACHING Black Box

to set the Stage for today’s Story of

Blatant RACISM @ Harvard

in Sports which means


Let’s get right down to the “pure” (sic) facts as reported in of all places the BOSTON Globe this week. We are largely going to quote them because we do not need to embellish this. Their story is titled …

” Harvard 0-for-32 for African-American coaches “

The article begins …..

” Harvard University, which prides itself on promoting racial diversity, is facing scrutiny for running an athletic department devoid of black leadership. Not one of the 32 head coaches guiding Harvard’s intercollegiate sports programs is African-American. Nor is the athletic director or his 13 senior administrators.”

Well repeat that ….


Harvard as the Globe notes has the LARGEST Division I athletic program in the entire nation. Let’s repeat that as well. Harvard has the LARGEST Division I athletic program in the entire nation. Not only is there not a single Black head coach among 32 head coaches NOR is the athletic director NOR any of the 13 senior administrators in the Harvard Sports Department.

That comes to 46 very well paid

SENIOR positions at Harvard in

Sports and NO African Americans

not even ONE Black among them

Now think about that REALLY think about that. When all these 46 senior officials get together in a big conference room for meetings as they surely do – forget about quotas or anything else – do you really think no one in the room realizes there is not even one African American there. OF COURSE THEY DO “stupid” if you don’t and the fact they do nothing just makes it Worse.

Let’s take it to a higher level ….

THINK about this. When these 46 senior sports officials in this HUGE Harvard sports department the largest and might as well say best funded in the nation, when they meet as they do …..

……. with the President of Harvard and the various Deans at Harvard and the CEO of the $$Billion$$ Harvard Endowment, and with Super Rich Alumni ALL also White (and yes an occasional Token Black) do you think anyone notices there are NO African Americans among this very large group of Harvard sports senior staff. OF COURSE THEY DO “stupid” if you don’t.

The Very Big Point is

They Don’t Give a Damn

A small number of African Americans like Barack Obama (Harvard law school) who come with “credentials” and (usually) wealthy families are admitted to the Student Body and a few to the Facility and hey there is even a Black Dean among many Deans over there s the Corner BECAUSE Harvard wants to see itself as “enlightened” while its very prosperous Alumni pick everyone else’s pockets meaning the Middle Class and most of all the Poor but but but ..

As we see in the Harvard Athletic Department as Exhibit #1 when they can get away with having NO African Americans not even one around why not. We all know African Americans have NO place among the Elite OK except maybe a few like Super Negro friend of the Clintons Vernon Jordan who does very well because he is very very good at genuflecting before White Power.

Now some of you may think

this is the Strongest Box yet

( not really )

well maybe it is because

the situation at Harvard

is so so BLATANT

from an “institution”

that calls itself


and is the most


private institution

in America

Here is more from the article ….

“To think that Harvard would not have a single African-American head coach, male or female, in 2007 is breathtaking,” said Harvard Law professor Charles J. Ogletree, one of the institution’s leading civil rights advocates.”

Now read this from the article ….

” Robert L. Scalise became athletic director in 2001. Scalise, during his tenure, has hired new head coaches for men’s golf, ice hockey and volleyball; women’s golf, lacrosse, soccer, Alpine skiing, and water polo; and men’s and women’s cross-country and track and field.”

” All are white, including 29-year-old Jason Saretsky, a Columbia graduate who took over the cross-country and track and field programs this year with no prior head coaching experience. He previously served as associate head coach at Iona College.”

And get this from Harvard spokesman Chuck Sullivan ….

We’re certainly not going out of our way not to have black coaches,” Sullivan said. “The pool of candidates for each position is judged on its merits, and the process goes as it should.”

2000 years ago

( and for long after )

the Elite nailed

the Losers to


in America if Black

hung them from Trees

after being “Freed”

Today here in America

and in the rest of the

“Civilized World”

( most of the time )

the Whiter Elites just

strip Losers of

any Power to

insure they

keep it ALL

for themselves

as they do at

Mighty Harvard

Let us conclude with a

Rousing Rendition of

the Harvard Fight Song

that serves their teams

and sung at games

so very well

“Ten Thousand Men of Harvard”

Ten Thousand Men of Harvard want victory today

For they know that o’er old Eli

Fair Harvard holds sway.

So then we’ll conquer all old Eli’s men,

And when the game ends we’ll sing again:

Ten thousand men of Harvard gained vict’ry today

let’s add a new verse …..

Ten thousand WHITE men of Harvard

who will always be Victorious

no matter what it takes

we’ll steal cheat lie

so that we’ll always


we Harvard men !

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