Harvard Racism Part 2

Updated: April 8, 2007

Harvard Racism




Today we go where

The Boston Globe did not

in exposing RACISM at

this “great” American “institution”

let us call it of LOWER learning

In Part 1 of the 2 Part Box yesterday we detailed the finding of the Globe that ALL 32 head coaches in Harvard’s Athletic Department are WHITE as well as the Director of Athletics and the top 13 executives in America’s largest college sports program. We should have also mentioned there has not ben even one African American head coach at Harvard for any sport in 16 years.

But that is where the Globe

concluded its Report

but not the Box

We did what no one else has and took a close look at all those men’s and women’s teams at Harvard all 37 of them. There are more teams that coaches because some of them do double duty for men and women.

Here is what we Found and

it is even more outrageous

then the coaching scandal

and reflects the very same

Institutional Racism that

lives in American society

masquerading as a


Of 19 Harvard men’s teams

12 have NO African Americans


32 White / 0 African American

Heavyweight Crew ( rowing )

37 White / 0 African American

Lightweight Crew ( rowing )

39 White / 0 African American


8 White / 0 African American

Ice Hockey

30 White / 0 African American


3 White / 0 African American


13 White / 0 African American

Swimming & Diving

36 White / 0 African American


13 White / 0 African American


10 White / 0 African American


10 White / 0 African American


14 White / 0 African American

Of the remaining 7 men’s teams. 3 have ONE African American, Fencing, Water Polo and Wrestling. Track & Field has TWO African Americans. Basketball THREE African Americans. Only Soccer and Football have sizable numbers of Black players. Soccer 7 of 26 players, and Football is impossible to determine because about 50% of the photos on this large team are missing.

Now here are the Women of Harvard

Heavyweight Crew ( rowing )

47 White / 0 African American

Field Hockey

19 White / 0 African American


10 White / 0 African American

Ice Hockey

26 White / 0 African American


19 White / 0 African American


14 White / 0 African American


22 White / 0 African American


16 White / 0 African American


12 White / 0 African American


7 White / 0 African American


15 White / 0 African American

Water Polo

15 White / 0 African American

There are 4 women’s teams with ONE African American on them. Basketball (yes Basketball only ONE African American), Lightweight Crew, Lacrosse, and Swimming & Diving. Fencing has TWO African Americans. And the most Black players are on Track & Field THREE African Americans.

So of 37 total teams 24 have NO African Americans. 12 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams. A very perverse “equality” of denial. Fully 70% of the student NCAA teams at Harvard do not even have even ONE African American.

7 of the other 13 teams over half have only ONE African American on each team. Only 6 of 37 teams have even TWO African American players. NO Women’s team has more than 2 Black players and that is ONLY on Track & Field with 3 African Americans. Only TWO teams at Harvard have more than 3 Black players. Both men’s teams. Soccer and Football.

On the men’s side – excluding Football because no accurate count is possible – on the men’s side 415 students play NCAA sports minus Football, just 15 of them are African American. If you leave out Soccer with 7 Black players that means that 17 of 19 men’s teams at Harvard have a grand total of 8 Black players.

On the Harvard women’s side with 18 NCAA teams, IT IS EVEN WORSE. There are a total of 382 Harvard women playing NCAA sports. Exactly 9 of them are African American. That comes to less than 3% of all the women players are African American. While on the men’s side (excluding football) just barely over 4% of the male players are African American.

Let’s return to coaching for a moment.

While there are NO African American head coaches on these 37 Harvard teams let’s look at the entire coaching staff for all the teams which includes many assistant coaches.. On the men’s side there are a total of 59 coaching positions 4 are African Americans. On the women’s side it is EVEN FAR WORSE. There are also 59 coaching positions on the women’s teams at Harvard. Exactly ONE is held by an African American. And he is a man Jeremy Gee in Women’s Track & Field. There is NOT even ONE African American woman in coaching at Harvard.

Of all the Outrages

we have documented

in over 5 years now

this situation at Harvard

not unlike at most elite colleges

just worst of all at Harvard is

Blatant Institutional Racism

that reflects the very

Core Philosophy of

America’s #1 University

where so many “leaders”

in American Society

emerge to Lord over

All of US.

This is America on

Easter Sunday 2007

Let us conclude again with a

Rousing Rendition of

the Harvard Fight Song

that serves their teams

and sung at games

so very well

“Ten Thousand Men of Harvard”

Ten Thousand Men of Harvard want victory today

For they know that o’er old Eli

Fair Harvard holds sway.

So then we’ll conquer all old Eli’s men,

And when the game ends we’ll sing again:

Ten thousand men of Harvard gained vict’ry today

let’s add a new verse …..

Ten thousand WHITE men of Harvard

who will always be Victorious

no matter what it takes

we’ll steal cheat lie

so that we’ll always


we Harvard men !

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