Could There Be Suprise First NFL Draft Choice

Updated: April 24, 2007



Virtually every NFL Draft expert

whether recognized or self-anointed

has JaMarcus Russell being taken #1

at Radio City Music Hall in NYC

come Saturday but …..

The very fact that there is Buzz that it is conceivable the Oakland Raiders could Stun the Football World and make another choice as desperate as they are for a Franchise Quarterback sure says volumes for Calvin Johnson. Georgia Tech All American Wide Receiver. Move over Larry Fitzgerald.

For those of you with short term memory problems three years ago Larry Fitzgerald Jr. of Pittsburgh fame was the HOT Wide Out who stormed the NFL Draft and was the First Round Pick of the Arizona Cardinals.

Well if you believe the scouting reports and the hype Larry Fitzgerald is NO Calvin Johnson who some are already saying could become the greatest NFL receiver ever. Someone would probably have to be that good for the Raiders to hesitate for a moment taking Johnson over Quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Especially since JaMarcus will be long gone along with Hype City’s Brady Quinn long before the Oakland Raiders get their second round pick.

But there are those who pound for pound and point for point view Calvin Johnson as the very best player available in the 2007 NFL Draft. And these comments by Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin might give reason for pause ….

“He seems perfect. You can’t find a bad thing. When you’re talking about the number one pick, you’re looking for a bad thing. Everyone is going to tell you good things. That’s why they’re up there. So you look for a bad thing. With him, you can’t find a bad thing.”

That’s right Oakland’s new youngest in the NFL head coach says Johnson is PERFECT. If you take him at his word it might be hard to pass up PERFECTion which is not something you see too often. And Kiffin has been enthusiastic about Russell he has never quite called him PERFECT.

Here are some basis stats on Johnson. He is 6-foot-5 and 235 pounds. He runs the 40 yard dash in 4.4 seconds, and has a 45 inch vertical leap which USA Today says is a combination that makes him difficult to defend no matter what exotic schemes opposing teams might try to rein him in. Besides being named an AP All American for his 2006 performance as a Junior even more Johnson won the Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s Top Receiver.

Calvin Johnson accomplished theses feats at Georgia Tech while most often being double teamed and with a third rate and inconstant Quarterback “guiding” the team. Still last season Johnson had 76 receptions for 1202 yards and 15 Touchdowns. Imagine if he were playing for a Hot Team.

Still it will be a Big Surprise

if Oakland forsakes the best

Quarterback in the 2007 NFl Draft

for the best Wide Receiver in the Draft

then again last year the Houston Texans

passed up Quarterback Vince Young

to make Mario Williams the very first

player chosen in the 2006 NFL Draft and

Mario Williams is NO Calvin Johnson

whatever happens this is going to be

quite an NFL Draft the First Round

BASN will be all over it for you

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