Box Exclusive Really Honoring Jackie Robinson Barack Obama And Bud Selig Are Agreed

Updated: April 15, 2007





Rather than a huge #42

highlighting Sunday’s Box

to honor Jackie Robinson’s

60th Anniversary we decided to do

something far far more meaningful

Begin a Campaign to make the Cubs

the First MLB Franchise EVER

African American owned

There could not possibly be a finer way to honor Jackie Robinson and his Legacy than finally breaking the Color Barrier to MLB Franchise Ownership. Nothing else compares to Ownership. Ownership is Power. That is why throughout American society and history African Americans have so little Power. They own virtually nothing of any significant $$$$$$ value in America.

Today the Box begin a Complex Campaign

over the next 8 months to see 2007 end

with Black ownership of the Cubs

join us in this Great Adventure

dedicated to Jackie Robinson

today on his 60th Anniversary

As everyone already knows a Zillionaire named Sam Zell bought the media company that currently owns the Cubs and he has vowed to sell them off later this year to payoff part of his expensive investment. Besides Mr. Zell is already a part owner of the Chicago White Sox and does not want to confuse himself or be conflicted over who to root for to win the Championship.

( besides Baseball does not allow dual ownerships )

Any good campaign begins with a Dramatic Announcement. So that is what we have done. Spared no expense or effort to reach the TWO individuals who more than anyone else can energize the campaign. The most important African American coast to coast today and Chicago resident U.S. Senator Barack Obama, and of course the Commissioner of Major League Baseball Bud Selig.

And the Box has statements from both

that truly get this Campaign underway

We’ll let you hear from Senator Obama and Commissioner Selig in a moment. But their public support for Black ownership for the Chicago Cubs now sets the tone for the process to begin. The questions that follow are: 1) How much will both Obama and Selig really do to encourage African American bidders, and 2) Which if any African Americans will head the Ownership Call.

Here is Senator Obama via his Spokesman to

Black Athlete Sports Network

Senator Obama could not be more emphatic

Senator Obama believes Commissioner Selig should vigorously seek out African American bidders when the Chicago Cubs come up for sale later this year. There would be few better ways to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson taking the field than for the first African American to purchase a major league team.

And here is Commissioner Bud Selig

his statement to Black Athlete Sports Network

“Major League Baseball has sought minority ownership, and at the moment two of its clubs are owned by minorities while other clubs have minorities in their ownership groups.” So, I agree with Senator Obama ( about the Chicago Cubs ), and I encourage minority group members to bid on all Major League Baseball franchises as they become available, including the Chicago Cubs.

Read between their Lines

this is a MAJOR development

Never before have TWO such important individuals made statements of support directed toward a specific MLB franchise and its future ownership. What we did not tell Commissioner Selig or Senator Obama is that WE ARE GOING TO HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE in the coming months.

Turn their Statements into

very Real Pledges to make

Black ownership happen for the Cubs

We know what all of you should know

Right now U’S. Senator Barack Obama of the Great State of Illinois is Golden. There is a Who’s Who list of African Americans supporting his campaign for the Presidency. One call from Senator Obama to any of them suggesting they look into bidding for the Chicago Cubs will get results.

Same on the other side

If Commissioner Selig makes it a point to get the word out through the Baseball Grapevine and implanted in all the media that Baseball feels strongly now in 2007 it is time there is FINALLY an African American or better a group of African American owners in Baseball his actions will spur interest.

Remember this as well

The Major League owners and Commissioner Selig specifically have a policy that they do not necessarily accept the highest bid when any team comes up for sale. They are on record accepting what they believe is the BEST Bid that meets the true needs of Baseball. And nobody can sell or buy an MLB Franchise without the expressed and formal consent of Major League Baseball. Period.

So in the coming weeks

the Box will be showcasing and

contacting African Americans who

have the wherewithal to become

MLB owners and find out

where they stand on the issue

as for Senator Barack Obama and

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig

they had better wear heavy duty shoes

‘ cause we will keep their feet to the


Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….