Aloha Black Coach For Hawaii Basketball Bob Nash

Updated: April 17, 2007




Good things come

to those who wait

and wait and wait

some more even in

Paradise otherwise

known as Hawaii

ask Bob Nash

It took him 25 years worth of assisting coaching at the University of Hawaii before he was named a few days ago the First Black Coach of the UH basketball team. Even more Nash is a native of the 50th state who starred himself in Basketball at the University.

Now his own son does.

It is certainly not a job without its inherent appeal no matter how far away from the rest of the NCAA basketball action. A total of 71 candidates were considered before the 56 year old Nash’s selection. No other candidate could compare with Nash and his history at the University.

Back in the early 1970s Nash was known as one of the “Fabulous Five” as they were known on the Islands, while compiling a 47-8 record over 2 seasons. Which earned them their first ever selection for the NCAA Championships ever and the naming of Bob Nash an All American player.

After that success Nash was drafted by the Detroit Pistons and spent 4 years in the NBA with the Pistons and the Kansas City Kings, before switching for a year to the ABA with San Diego. After that he simply continued West until he was back home in Hawaii and began his very long assistant coaching career that over more than two decades finally netted him the Big One.

And yes Nash really did play the part and wore a Hawaiian shirt and maille lei at the announcement ceremony last Friday. Here is what Hawaii’s athletics director Herman Frazier had to say about Nash Friday …..

“We conducted a thorough national search and Bob Nash emerged as the best person to lead our men’s basketball program. In addition to his outstanding skills as a basketball coach, Bob is a wonderful person and incredible role model for student-athletes. He will represent UH in first-class fashion and get the most out of his players, athletically and academically. This is a proud day for UH and the future is bright for Rainbow Warrior basketball.”

To which Bob Nash replied Friday …

“They have entrusted me with this basketball program. I’m humbled by the outpouring of support I have received from the community and coaching friends across the country. My alma mater has called and I am ready to serve.”

There is nothing more to say

except Congratulations Bob

and continue to enjoy all

those long plane flights

during Bball season

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