Wanted Black Husband for Boss’ Daughter This Might Work

Updated: March 30, 2007



With the path to Black ownership

of a Major League Baseball franchise

appearing worse than hopeless

until the next century

or even then

It s time to get very creative and imaginative if there is to be a Breakthrough any sooner. Well Deliverance may be at hand. And in the very person of The Boss Himself George Steinbrenner the owner of the wealthiest franchise of them all the New York Yankees. Now this may not be easy but the odds are still a lot better than waiting for the 30 White MLB owners to approve let alone seek out any African Americans to buy an MLB team. They have “successfully” resisted that move for over 100 years and they are “good” for another 100 or more.

Unless we find a loophole to drive through

Now we don’t want to get anyone bent out of shape here making light of the very Holy Institution of Matrimony. That is certainly not our intention. But the fact is a big story of the day on sports pages far and wide is the breakup of daughter Jennifer’s marriage to hard drinking hubby of 14 years, Steve Swindal.

Since George was not ready to allow a woman to run his New York Yankees even his own daughter, when his Alzheimer’s can no longer be cloaked by Steinbrenner becoming ever more scarce, George was grooming his son-in-law to be the new George when the day came for the real George to pack it in.

We say Alzheimer’s only because George goes around telling people the Yankees are World Champions and he is so proud his team has won the World Series the last 5 years. And Alex Rodriguez was Series MVP. The last 2 years.

Anyway back to Jennifer

Here are some reassuring words from the Boss about the fate of the Yankees. �I’m the boss. I continue to be the boss, I have no intention of retiring, and my family runs the Yankees with me.�

George spoke as he stroked his 2006 World Series ring. Now it must be said George also has two sons so he does not need a son-in-law to run his Yankees when he is gone. Accept what does he thinks of sons Hank and Hal if he anointed his soon to be ex-son-in-law as Heir Boss.

Steve Swindal had the prestigious position of Chairman of Yankee Global Enterprises, and Swindal, not Hank or Hal, has been George’s representative on the very exclusive MLB ownership committee, the one that makes sure NO African Americans come close to owning an MLB team.

Now to be sure George has a Cadre of other White guys in high positions. Randy Levine, team president, Lonn Trost, chief operating officer and Brian Cashman, general manager but they are NOT family and even worse all three are “happily” married. Damn it George needs a NEW Son-in-Law to take over if God forbid George dies from the excitement if come October his Yankees win their unprecedented SIXTH World Championship in a row.

Now here is where we get to the point

and get very very creative

What if George could be convinced that the only way to find an adequate new husband for his precious daughter Jennifer was to hold a Competition and what if FOX which broadcasts the Yankees almost every Saturday during the season as their game of the week what IF they proposed to George an American Idol type competition to find Jennifer a new husband and heir to the Dynasty. They could never get away with barring Black contestants from the show.

Besides Jennifer appears past her child bearing age and so George doesn’t have to worry about that “problem” so here in the Box we can see during the summer “American Husband” airing on FOX to pick Jennifer’s new husband and as is the case when Black contestants are allowed to participate in a fair contest be it Sports and certainly American Idol, African Americans do very well.

Jennifer just might end up

with a Black husband

and George with

the new Boss

that’s crazy

really …..

a whole lot less crazy

than waiting for MLB owners

to sell a franchise to African Americans

George what do you think !

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George Steinbrenner ” I LIKE IT I LIKE IT A LOT”