Vijay Singh Conquering Hero Sunday As Tiger Swoons

Updated: March 19, 2007




Vijay Singh is on Top

of the World again

the World of Golf

and Tiger eating

his Dust for now

An argument can be made that is completely lost on the Main Stream Sports Media that yes indeed Vijay Singh not Tigers Woods is the world’s greatest golf phenomenon. Vijay’s ability to come back again and again and again and now at 44 still consistently playing like a 30 year old is monumental.

Let’s see how Tiger plays at 44

( but no need to rush it )

In fact let’s a say this if Tiger Woods did not exist and Vijay not a lowly Fijian he would be the constant Toast of the Golf World easily out distancing the likes of Phil Mickelson who truly is not in the same League with Vijay Singh.

Vijay proved once again on Sunday where he belongs in the Pantheon of Golf. High up with the Gods like Tiger. In fact another case can be made that only Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh are truly at the Pinnacle of Golf. Tiger because he is Tiger. Vijay because he has earned his way to that rarefied atmosphere by reaching his prime in his 40s and new heights with each passing day.

The crowd was with Vijay Sunday

the way it normally is for Tiger

At the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Florida, Vijay had one of those quintessentially Tiger Woods type tournaments where practically all the shots went his way while everyone else’s didn’t. Including Tiger this weekend. Sunday he was an embarrassment to his ow game. You could see he wanted to go hide as he bogeyed then double bogeyed. NO Tiger Woods victory thrust of his arm into the air that he is so well known for. NO Big Smiles this Sunday.

Tiger tied finished in 22nd Place

his worst finish in a long long time

As for Vijay call it Super Sunday. As a result of winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational for the year Vijay is now the #1 money winner, #1 in the yearly standings among pros for cumulative finishes and #1 in points for the FedEx Cup given to the PGA pro with the best record for the year. There is a long long way to go but more to the point after Singh seemed to go into decline the last few years although still in the Top 10 both, he is back better than ever. The Palmer Invitational was his second victory of the year on the Tour.

Vijay Singh is the only player

on the Tour with 2 Victories

in 2007 that includes Tiger

why bother writing more

it has all been said before

in the Box again & again

all that is important is

right now once again

Vijay Singh is #1 in

the World of Golf

say Tiger Who ?

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