U.S. Sec. of State Condolezza Rice Speaks Out On Sports

Updated: March 3, 2007



Well she won’t talk to us

( not that we asked )

but the Administration figure

with the longest first name

did speak to ESPN

about Sports

Taking a few moments out from “ably” (sic) assisting George W. and Dick The Terminator Cheney destroying the world in the name of the Red White & Blue Condoleezza Rice seized the chance to sit down with an ESPN writer.

Do you want his / her name ? We aren’t mentioning it to protect him or her just in case someone in the Bush Administration was unhappy with his (or her ) writing style or lack of patriotism and decides to send them to Guantanemo for retraining suspected or not of using sports to foment terror around the world.

Back to Condoleezza

Who has no such problem she sends “terrorists” to Guantanemo and occasionally visits when she needs a little diversion to see how people with absolutely no rights no charges against them no life and no future spend their endless time.

Let’s get to Sports. That is why Condoleezza Rice is making a very unusual appearance in the Box today. We do learn that Condi tries to devote Sunday afternoons to Sports anyway. Leaving the creation of mayhem in the Middle East to her State Dept. staff and Dick Cheney of course who never takes a rest from from fomenting trouble and and slamming his critics.

As for President Bush he does not have a Clue

( we know you knew that already )

W thinks football is just baseball played with helmets and a funny shaped ball. Which brings us back to the ESPN interview with . The reporter forgot to ask Condi about President Bush and the Texas Rangers.

How it is George W perfected his ability and his version of the miracle of turning water into gold ( no wine for George ) with his former partnership in the Texas Rangers which he never paid for but sold a few years later at a big “profit” ( it was all profit since he paid nothing for it of course ). No Condi was not asked.

We can tell you some of the comments the Secretary of State did make about Sports. But first it is interesting only in Washington DC is being a SECRETARY the job almost anyone wants most of all when elsewhere it is often least desirable. Being Secretary also pays very well in DC and comes with an armored car, free government airplane, a very big staff and lots of other perks.

Back to Sports ….

we finally learn why Rice is known

for her desire to be NFL Commissioner

“Well, because I think there’s no more interesting and better-run institution than the NFL. When I look at the way the NFL has made football the national sport. I know I have a lot of friends, maybe even the president, who would disagree in favor of baseball. I just think when you think that on any Sunday during the season you can go to San Francisco or Miami or Green Bay or Baltimore and you can have essentially the same experience with a little local flavor.”

” And the use of television, which Pete Rozelle, of course, deserves enormous credit [for] in recognizing that essentially football and television came of age together. It’s just, I think, a really important national institution. Now, that said, I’ve decided that it would be all right to run a team, as well. That would a good job.”

Now you know.

Rice was asked in the interview what she though of major American sports interests now using sports as an Imperialist tool to subjugate the minds of people in countries large and small and taking control of various sports in those countries so that all the money the new sports produces goes back to the USA.

( enjoy this answer )

“It’s a good thing when people get to know America through more than its government and policies. I’m a big believer in when people say, ‘How do you change the image or improve the image of the United States,’ I don’t think it’s largely going to be the government’s doing. I think the universities will play their role, musicians and artists will play their role, and sports will play their role. Places like China, in particular — they just love sports. I hope that when the Yankees go there, they will do things with kids as well. It’s great.”

Good answer Madame Secretary of State

as long a you know how to interpret it

yes we do read on ……..

( We will use the innocence of sports to infiltrate countries and movements and placing under cover CIA agents masquerading as coaches and instructors we will find the best local players and ply them with dollars until they can’t wait to come to America and leave their country behind. Those not good enough for the American market will be trained as spies and left back in their native land to collect clandestine information and bribe high ranking officials. Those who are especially violent and can shoot well will be made local assassins )

We’d give you more of the interview which the Secretary of State granted ESPN but there are some strange looking guys at the door and our computers keep flashing torture scenes from the “hit” series 24 on our screens.

We’ll wrap this up now and

tell you it was a wonderful

interview and Condi Rice

is a Great American

and yes you two

George & Dick

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