Tiger To Descend On Nation’s Capital

Updated: March 1, 2007



The DC based sports writers

are coming out of their pants

The Tiger is Coming to Town

Washington DC is Saved !

Don’t even expect the Amazing Rise of Barack Obama out of DC to turn Tiger Woods into an African American. Not even in Washington DC. Hey Barack Obama is not President yet. Let’s not carried away. This is Tiger.

It’s not yet Cool Enough for

Tiger to declare his Blackness

What what what’s this about ?

O you haven’t heard. O you don’t care ? Well you would if you were a member of the very large Washington DC Elite which includes elected officials, appointed officials, many many many lobbyists, regulators, business executives, media big wigs, and an assortment of other celebrities who practice “don’t ask don’t tell ” when it comes to what they do and why are they so rich.

Still what is all this about man ?

what is going on that’s so important ??

Praise the Lord. Raise the Dead. Shout from the highest mountain. Descend to the lowest valley. Walk on water. Leap buildings in a single bound. Cure the Lame. Song till your lungs burst. Make flowers bloom and babies smile. Turn water to gold. Anything is possible Tiger is coming to Town ! Finally !!

Maybe you are beginning to understand

After years and years and years without an annual official PGA tournament taking place in Washington DC this year YES THIS YEAR Tiger Woods will rescue Washington DC with a Signature Tiger Woods Tournament ….

And all of Washington

( those who count not the Black folk )

have gone well Orgasmic

men and women acting

in lewd sexual delight

in public view

Tiger’s coming !

We will not keep you waiting any longer. Yes not knowing waiting the pleasure welling up deep inside you is Unbearable. Please please please stop torturing me oh oh oh. aaahhhh. The Tiger Woods PGA Championship will take place in Washington July 5 – July 8, 2007. And every year from now on.

It will benefit The Tiger Woods Foundation. Of course. Tiger could fund that himself without losing a night’s sleep but why should he. Everyone throws money at him and he’s got his own expenses. And they are Huge. HUGE.

Now this is an advance peek. The formal announcement does not come until March 7th with Tiger Woods present. The golf course that will host the event, the sponsors and all the other delicious details await March 7th.

It is unclear whether the announcement will be in the Oval Office, Senate Chamber, at the Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial (no not the Lincoln Memorial) or possibly even the Pentagon but it will be impressive.

What Tiger will not announce

in Washington on March 7th

is the names of the other

African Americans

PGA Tour golfers who

are playing in Tiger’s

DC PGA Tournament

after Independence Day

in Washington DC

home of the free

land of the brave

Center of the Universe

with the Capitol as backdrop

because there aren’t any

other African Americans

playing on the PGA Tour

so they won’t be playing

in Tiger’s PGA Open

and Tiger doesn’t care

Barack Obama isn’t

President yet.

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Tiger Woods ” I’M ON MY WAY DC TO SAVE YOU “