The NCAA Tournament: One Man’s Bracket

By Tony McClean
Updated: March 14, 2007

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — By the time you read this, some of you will have already filled out your brackets for this year’s NCAA Tournament. Others of you will still be trying to figure out the difference between Virginia Tech and Virginia Commonwealth and everything in between.

For another season, I’ve been asked by the powers that be here at BASN to let our fans know just what’s on my mind. After my initial response, they decided that I should just show my NCAA bracket.
I’m just like you. I’ve wavered and wavered. Should I take a chance on this team? Can this team really get through the first round? Could I kick Billy Packer in the shins and get away with it?
Sorry, I digress. Up next are my picks for the the entire tournament. Now so we won’t bore you to death, we’ve broken it down into three basic categories: first-round upsets, regional semis, and our pick for regional champ.
So there ya go. So simple even a cave…..Well, you get the idea. Lets get this thing started.
First-round upsets: (12) Old Dominion over (5) Butler; (10) Georgia Tech over (7) UNLV; (9) Purdue over Arizona.
Regional semis: Florida over Maryland; Winthrop over Georgia Tech.
Champion: Florida. Yes, I like Winthrop to go far, just not all the way to Atlanta.
First-round upsets: (12) Illinois over (5) Virginia Tech; (11) Virginia-Commonwealth over (6) Duke.
Regional semis: Kansas over Southern Illinois; UCLA over Pittsburgh.
Champion: UCLA. The Bruins will nip the top-seeded Jayhawks in a classic regional final.
First-round upsets: (9) Xavier over (8) BYU.
Regional semis: Ohio State over Virginia; Memphis over Texas A&M.
Champion: Ohio State. The Tigers will get their respect, but even they don’t have an answer for Mr. Greg Oden and his Buckeyes.
First-round upsets: (10) Texas Tech over (7) Boston College.
Regional semis: North Carolina over Texas; Georgetown over Washington State.
Champion: Georgetown. Any other year, the Hoyas would have been a top seed. They’ll get to prove it on the court against the Tar Heels.
Florida over UCLA: This could be a track meet. First team to score 100 wins.
Georgetown over Ohio State: Hibbert out duels Oden in what should be a great semifinal.
Georgetown over Florida: John Jr. and John Sr. become the NCAA’s first father and son championship coaching duo.