Serena Goes Wild On Maria Avenges Big Sister

Updated: March 29, 2007



Who’s Number One

in Women’s Tennis

Maria Sharapova

in the Official Rankings

Who’s REALLY #1

Serena Williams

Serena whipped The Russian Ice Queen’s Ass Bad on Tuesday in the 4th Round of the Sony Ericsson Open. Humiliated her is the word that most readily comes to mind. Serena destroyed Sharapova 6-1 twice in all of 56 minutes sending Maria to the showers and out of the Competition. Luckily she doesn’t have to go far since Maria’s real home is now Florida where the Tournament is.

Not that Serena needs any additional reason to smash Sharapova beyond the fact she is considered Serena’s successor as the new Queen of Tennis. But there was something else. Sharapova beat Big Sister Venus in the 3rd Round two days earlier, barely beating Venus, winning in 3 sets , 6-2, 2-6, 7-5.

No doubt that did make Serena’s crushing defeat of Sharapova that much Sweeter. But hey what is going on here. It becomes clearer and clearer with each new Tournament the Williams Sisters are back. After being given up for Dead by everyone yes including the Box for awhile.

They keep this up and Preachers will be giving their Easter morning sermons about the Rebirth of Serena and Venus. After being left for Dead and Buried rising to Save the World of Tennis. Imagine that two Black Tennis Players as Religious Figures leading all of us to the Promised Land.

Praise the Lord

Say Hallelujah

In Wednesday evening’s Quarterfinal action against #8 ranked Nicole Vaidisova.

#13 ranked Serena is Prevail again. She is the Comeback Kid and she has Big Mo on her Side. After you smash the world’s #1 you should not have a whole lot of Trouble with “lowly” #8. Indeed Serena punished Vaidisova practically as bad as she did Maria, winning 6-1, then 6-4. Shower Time Nicole !

Thursday evening it’s Serena in the Semi Finals. one round away from Saturday’s Finals. Serena’s Big Problem Thursday may be over confidence after finishing off #1 then #8. #13 Serena is playing #14 Shahar Peer.

All of this is really leading up to the French Open the end of May and Wimbledon in late June and finally the US Open early September. The 3 Grand Slams yet to be played. With Serena winning the Australian Open in January the greatest win of her illustrious career, if she keeps getting even better then …..

Serena can Dream the Impossible Winning all 4 Grand Slams. in one year. It’s been done 3 times by Women. I n 1953, 1970 and 1988. Never by Serena although she won 4 consecutive Grand Slams 2002-2003. But let’s not dismiss Venus either. She has the potential of winning one or two. Of the Big Ones.

Now let’s hear from Serena herself

from an interview Tuesday

after beating Sharapova

QUESTION. After what happened in Australia, did you really think you could come back with another emphatic victory against Maria today?

SERENA: I know if I’m playing well then anything can happen. You know, I believe there could be a similar score if I’m playing well.

QUESTION. Did you expect it to be quite that easy?

SERENA: Haven’t you learned that I expect the best of myself already? I mean, I expect nothing less.

QUESTION. When you hold your index finger up in the air, does that mean you’re No. 1, if not in the ranking but in practice right now?

SERENA : I’m not hitting well in practice. I’m definitely not No. 1 in practice.

QUESTION. The de facto No. 1?

SERENA : Every time I do that I win, so I’m a little superstitious. I’m working towards getting to be the best. It’s an uphill battle.

QUESTION. Can you describe – because obviously I’ve never been in your position – what does it feel like to be on the court and be dominating a match the way that you’ve done the last few times with Maria? Can you articulate what that feels like?

SERENA: For me it feels like, Okay, stay focused. I never think about, I’m winning. It’s easy. No, because every point, Maria is a fighter. She doesn’t give up. So every point it’s like you’ve got to win and you can’t just say, I’m winning so easy. I just always think about, Okay, I won that game, now let me focus again. I try to stay focused more than — I never even think about dominating.

QUESTION. Why do you think there are so many doubters? What do you think people think of you?

SERENA: I don’t know what people think about me. You know, I just — the only thing I would care for me for people to think about me is I have a great attitude and I’m always positive and I’m a great sports person. More than anything I’m a good person off the court, and I think that’s what matters more than anything.

QUESTION. Do you think you could be the Federer of the women’s tour, or do you feel that you are?

SERENA: You know what, that would be awesome. Roger Federer has done an unbelievable job with not only being No. 1 but staying there and just being the best. He’s so inspirational. That would be awesome if I could do that.

And finally ….

QUESTION. You’ve taken Maria just out of the match from the get-go the last few times you’ve played her, and I’ve seen you struggle with other players along the way. So is it something that you get an extra motivation going into that match? It’s a good matchup for you?

SERENA: I just think Maria is a good player and she’s done a lot in her young career, and you can’t just start flat against a player like her as opposed to — you can’t really start flat against anyone nowadays, but especially against Maria you can’t come out flat or else you’re going to go in the locker room within 30 minutes.

No Serena instead you

sent Maria to the locker room

in all of 56 minutes

now Who’s REALLY #1

Say it Loud

Serena’s #1

keep on keeping on

all year Little Sister and

Make us All Proud


For all you Tiger fans who keep writing in because the Box does not fall over itself in praise of your Tiger please note that even after his victory Sunday and Vijay’s disappointing #11 finish, Vijay Singh is still #1 in the PGA in Top 10 finishes, #1 in 2007 earnings and #1 in points for the 2007 FedEx Cup for Best golfer of the Year. This battle is far from over.

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