Ria Thank God You’re Not Black You Wouldn’t Have A Chance

Updated: March 31, 2007



Here is a Secret

about the Box

we cover certain topics

again and again and again

from Angle after Angle after Angle

In most media no matter how big the Story or how outrageous a Scandal unless it is something like the Occupation or Iraq or the never ending Buffoonery of George W. Bush, you get one story big or small and that is the last you will probably hear about it there. And nothing changes.

Especially in Sports our Beat

the World of Sports would

be far better off

If important topics got covered

again and again and again

Today we are back to one that NO other media in the nation has covered at all not even once. The Scandal of Major League Umpires. Here in these last 5+ years the Box has presented story after story including a landmark multi-part Special Report a few years ago that exposed the entire institutional scandal of MLB Umpiring being controlled by a Clan of Good Ole White Boys.

The one “practical” (sic) result of our continuing expose was that Major League Baseball removed the photos of MLB Umpires from the MLB Website. After we urged readers again and again go look at the photos of the 70 MLB Umpires and the fact you will ONLY find TWO African Americans there.

Why would Bud Selig and the Boys do that

so it was not so obvious what was

going on among MLB Umpires

NO photos no easy identification

go look for yourself AFTER

reading Today’s Black Box


Up until about two seasons ago large photos of each MLB Umpire were prominently displayed. And think about this in a Sport that highlights the visual and a Website chock full of baseball photos NO Umpire photos any more.

And we are responsible

not Sports Illustrated

not the Washington Post

not the New York Times

Which finally after this Overture

brings up to today’s topic.

Timed to coincide with the Opening of the Big League Season MLB is pulling out all the Hype for a Woman Umpire who has been “allowed” to Umpire ONE MLB pre-season game, Thursday the Chicago Cubs beating the Arizona Diamondbacks in a split squad game 7-4. NO of course Ria Cortesio was NOT allowed to call balls & strikes behind Home Plate. ARE YOU CRAZY ! She got to Umpire at 1st Base and 3rd Base. Isn’t that outrageous enough.

Now talk is being planted in the media by MLB …..

If Ria is a Good Girl Umping in the Minors again this season she MIGHT be allowed to Umpire MLB pre-season all spring in 2008 and if that is IF she is rated high enough by the Other MALE Umpires maybe just maybe she might be put on the Substitute List to be called up during the 2008 Regular Season ……

IF something happens to one of the Regular Roster MLB Umpires. But NO guarantees. And even IF Ms. Cortesio is Called it will likely only be for ONE game. Ria don’t expect to spend part of the entire 2008 season Umpiring in the Bigs IF one of the Regulars is out longer. Here is one Better.

No matter what happens to Ria Cortesio even if a Miracle happens and she got to spend a lot of next season in the Bigs that A) she would stay in the Majors year after year, and even less likely B) that there will be a Second Woman Umpiring in the Majors during your Lifetime. Or your kids.

Just as there is ONE Woman officiating in the NBA for a number of years now and that has not led at all to the likelihood of another. This is not about fairness. This is not about logic. This is not about gender equality. This is about getting POSITIVE PR keeping the heat OFF other subjects and most of all giving the impression but not the reality of Progress in Sports.

Major League Baseball could have easily established a Policy years ago that let’s say by 2010 one-fourth of MLB Umpires would be Women. One member of every Umpiring Crew. Already about 25% of Baseball fans are Women but even more what a great way to attract even more fans not just Women but Women who are also MOMS with kids they could encourage to enjoy Baseball.


Do you want to Spark a Revolution.

Do you want Women to think they are really EQUAL in American society. Aren’t things out of Control already. Where will this stop. We have it on good authority that some of the Ancient MLB Owners among these 30 Old White Boys have already required extra medical monitoring because they became so disoriented when they learned a WOMAN had been allowed to actually Umpire an MLB spring training game this week.

But now we have saved

our real Point for Last and

the Headline above

today’s Black Box

We don’t know Ria Cortesio’s ethnic background it may be Spanish as in Spain, or Portuguese, or Latino or even Italian, and Ms. Cortesio deserves everyone’s admiration for her resolve and yes her courage.

We don’t have time to detail how much she has had to toil in all kinds of minor leagues and lesser leagues for too many years to get where she is on the brink of “possibly” becoming the FIRST Woman to Umpire a true Major League game MAYBE again next season not this new season. But don’t bet on it.

But the Point is this

Had Ria been African American

she never ever would have gotten to this point.


Why ? Because the single most blatant example of Racism in Sports today is the treatment of African Americans within Major League Umpiring. Among 70 MLB Umpires are only TWO African Americans. There have NEVER been more than TWO African American MLB Umpires at once. They are Chuck Meriwether and Kerwin Danley.

In the ENTIRE history

of Major League Baseball

only SIX African Americans

have EVER Umpired in MLB

Ria thank God you are NOT

African American with

TWO Strikes against you

Black & Female

it would be have been

” 2 Strikes and you’re Out “


For the very best summary

that exists about the Scandal

in Major League Umpiring

go to the July 28, 2005

Black Box right here


you won’t be disappointed to learn the Truth

unless you are a White Racist or to be

Redundant Bud Selig

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