NBA Top Scorer Has More Than Basketball On His Mind Congratulations Carmelo Anthony

Updated: March 8, 2007



If you say


to Carmelo Anthony

it will get a Big Smile

Since he and his girl friend ( not wife for those who care ) have just delivered their first child and the Bundle of Joy who came into this World Wednesday afternoon right on time for the next Box. Back on the basketball court and the reason his kid will not want for anything material anyway ……..

Carmelo right now is besting the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Gilbert Arenas, Allen Iverson, Michael Redd and yes fellow Basketball Wunderkind LeBron James for the coveting NBA Scoring Leadership.

In fact Anthony averaging 30.2 points a game at Denver is a huge 3.1 points a game ahead of #7 ranked LeBron James. Anthony is even one full point ahead of #2 Kobe Bryant with 29.2 points a game.

To make another point even with babies lets be precise a baby on his mind that might have slowed down Carmelo in his latest game Tuesday evening as his girl friend MTV’s La La Vazquez was in the hospital in pre-labor Tuesday night. Against New Orleans he scored “only” 21 points 10 below his average, as teammate Allen Iverson scored 25 in the Nuggets 106-91 victory.

Since we are on the subject of Carmelo Anthony’s team, Denver is in a real fight to make it into the somewhat fast approaching Playoffs in the power packed Western Division. Right now at 21-21 and a staggering 21 games behind division leading Utah the Nuggets are bunched up with a group of other Western teams all trying to sneak into the Playoffs with so far mediocre records.

Back to the other Subject of Anthony’s interest

His new 5 lb. 9 oz. and 18 inch long son has been named Kiyan by the Couple. Maybe the Baby will slow Carmelo down a bit off the Court that is. He was involved in a Big Brawl with NY Knicks players back on December 16, 2006, more recently on February 2, 2006, he was in a car accident. And in spite of Anthony’s scoring prowess Nuggets’ coach George Karl has publicly threatened to Bench his All Star Forward for as Karl puts it “not showing enough maturity on the court.”


Now does that make Carmelo an Immature Father as of Wednesday afternoon. That remains to be seen but as an unmarried father there may be some circumstantial evidence to deal with here. Back on the Court, George Karl has this to say ” I don’t think you’re listening. I don’t think you’re listening as well as you need to listen. For me, the next step is to change the democracy back to a dictatorship.” Whatever that means ? But the Coach did add to his other comments “Personally, I think Melo should forget about scoring,” What ????

Amid this brouhaha there is talk of a rivalry between Carmelo Anthony and “new comer” Allen Iverson when on paper the Combination should be devastating the Division. How many kids does Iverson have ? Maybe their kids can play together and set an example for their fathers. Did Karl think of that ?

Anyway right now

his troubles aside Anthony continues

to lead the NBA in scoring while

enjoying his new son Kiyan

as his Coach pouts.

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