Michael Vick Switches To Wine Goes In New Direction

Updated: March 17, 2007



Looking to display Leadership

in a different way during

the Off Season

Michael Vick

chose Wine

He has opened a new restaurant with partners near Atlanta named The Tasting Room and featuring its own special wine collection. To be precise the restaurant is in East Point which Michael Vick describes as an under served community. The restaurant was considered “officially” opened this week with Vick’s appearance to taste some of the wines and mingle with guests.

That meant he also had to mingle with the media which was the point of course but he wanted the press on his terms and needless to say they wanted it on theirs. Turns out the media swarming all over Vick were far less interested in wine Wednesday than in taking about water not the water in the restaurant but the water bottle Michael Vick carried on to an airplane in January. His trick water bottle.

The water bottle that is sold with a false bottom so you can carry valuables in it or more likely marijuana seeds if not something stronger. It is unlikely Vick is going to be charged with anything but it won’t stop the Questions. As the Quarterback Vick is the face the personification of the Atlanta Falcons.

It also proves for the zillionth time that celebrity brings its cost. Promote your new restaurant. Get asked about anything but. Vick for his part told the reporters circling him he will address the issue of his water bottle soon. Don’t stay up waiting for that speech. Vick is more interested in promoting his business interests in the Atlanta area to get value from his fame and look toward his post-career.

After 6 seasons with Atlanta as the Quarterback who has taken more of a punishment game after game season after season than any other Quarterback in the League the question is constantly asked how many more will he last. Even thought with his talent you might say another 6 or more NFL seasons.

What is interesting Falcons fans in Atlanta right now as the new season grows closer if not actually close is how will Vick do under a new coach Bobby Petrino who apparently was hired and former coach Jim Mora Jr.. fired to better serve Vick and his style of play. Word is also for the first time since Vick arrived in Atlanta he will finally have play calling responsibilities.

It may also be the make or break season for MIchael Vick. Owner Arthur Blank maybe Vick’s biggest fan up until now is giving him all the tools Vick needs to really prove himself as one of the Greats. There are some observers who think if Vick does not lead Atlanta to the SuperBowl or somewhere near it this season he just might be headed somewhere else to play out the rest of his career.

The Michael Vick detractors claim the Falcons have an outstanding Starting Quarterback in Vick’s back up Matt Schaub who would do a better job leading the Offense. The owner isn’t ready to buy into that claim but the Falcons are also going out of their way to keep Schaub rather than let him wander elsewhere a very likely scenario if they had no big plans for him. So Schaub may have as much riding on the 2007 season as Vick for the opposite reason.

On the other hand the Falcons also have 2006 Draft Choice D.J. Shockley of University of Georgia fame on their roster. Many think Shockley is Atlanta’s Starting Quarterback of the Future if Vick falters. Or quite possibly even if he doesn’t. Shockley taking over a few years in the future.

Vick’s and Atlanta’s failure could be Matt Schaub’s gain for now. That reflects the eternal conflict built into the role of First Back up Quarterback more than any other in Sports. Especially since these QBs in waiting rarely often never get to play. While hiding it well they are on the sidelines rooting against the Starting Quarterback and hoping their team does poorly. Let’s by blunt. Loses again and again. Vick’s injuries the last two seasons did get Schaub some serious play time.

There is no way of getting away from the Paradox and never will. At any other positions the second string guys especially each positon’s #2 gets some play time if only to give the starters a brief rest. But not Quarterback. You don’t see the back up Quarterback sent in for a set of downs in the middle of the game to give the Starting QB a break. The Starting QB would be as outraged as anyone if it happened because they would consider it a violation of their Covenant.

So as Michael Vick sat sipping expensive wine in the luxury of his new restaurant this week and far from the start of the new season there was quite a bit of anticipation and uncertainty lurking in the background unseen.

Waiting just waiting

for the new football season

getting closer every day

here there everywhere and

at The Tasting Room

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