Kobe Next To Chamberlain

Updated: March 25, 2007


Greatness comes in many forms

choose your own Definition

but when it comes to Sports

and Basketball in particular

it will be difficult to deny

Kobe Bryant’s Greatness

Increasingly the only name that some believe merits comparison is The Great Late Wilt Chamberlain Himself. Commonly heralded as the Greatest of them All. Yes Kobe better than Michael Jordan. Quite possibly.

By the end of Kobe’s still young career. Lest we forget Bryant in “only” in his 11th NBA season at the age of 28. As you know Michael Jordan played into his early 40s. What brings Kobe Bryant ever closer to Chamberlain’s rarefied atmosphere and within sight of that Plateau is Kobe’s latest Spectacular.

Friday night against the New Orleans Hornets Kobe Bryant played his 4th consecutive 50 point game. Leaving behind the two Heavies who had 3 consecutive 50 point games during their careers. Elgin Baylor and Jordan. The only thing standing between Bryant now and this “ultimate” record is the Mountain. A Mountain Kobe will not likely conquer.

Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for the most 50 point NBA games in a row 7 in a row. The odds against Bryant having 50 or more points in his next 3 games and tying Chamberlain let alone 4 more and standing alone are in the vicinity of 1,000,000 to 1. But not Impossible. But maybe the far more significant point is that ONLY Wilt Chamberlain and Kobe have reached 50 points or more in 4 consecutive NBA games. They stand Alone.

Here is how Wilt Chamberlain did it

In fairness to Wilt Chamberlain’s true achievements we should be more precise. His 1961-1962 season playing for Philadelphia only his second as a pro is the greatest season ever recorded by any professional basketball player. Wilt Chamberlain averaged 50 points a game during the 1961-1962 season.

During the course of that Historic Season. Twice he had steaks of 5 consecutive 50 point games. Chamberlain had another streak of 6 consecutive 50 point games and topping off his Heroics Chamberlain claims the longest 50 point a game record of 7 consecutive games in a row during that 1961-1962season.

That season he scored an unbelievable 4000 points, and the most points ever scored by a player in 1 game 100 points, against the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962. Who is the only player who has come “close” to that record. That’s right Kobe Bryant last season 81 points against Toronto January 22, 2006.

Now far far more modestly but still

better than anyone but Chamberlain

here is how Kobe became # 2

in this consecutive game

50 point NBA Record

Friday March 16th

LA Lakers 116 – Portland Trail Blazers 111

Kobe Bryant 65 points

Sunday March 18th

LA Lakers 109 – Minnesota Timberwolves 102

Kobe Bryant 50 points

Thursday March 22nd

LA Lakers 121 – Memphis Grizzlies 119

Kobe Bryant 60 points

Friday March 23rd

LA Lakers 111 – New Orleans Hornets 105

Kobe Bryant 50 points

next up Sunday evening

Golden State Warriors

can Kobe Bryant keep

this Streak alive ??

if so next up comes

Memphis again Tuesday

then Thursday Houston

Sacramento Kings

Sunday April 1st

that would make 7

and then Denver

Tuesday April 3rd

no way Wilt nothing

to Worry about ?

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Wilt Chamberlain ” CATCH ME IF YOU CAN KOBE “

BASN CORRECTION: In the above Black Box, it was erroneously reported that the 1961-62 NBA campaign was Wilt Chamberlain’s second season in the league. In fact, the 1961-62 season was Chamberlain’s third year in the league. The staff of BASN regrets the error.