Isiah Makes The Cut

Updated: March 18, 2007



Some say it was never

in doubt Isiah is too much

like owner James Dolan

for Dolan to fire him

Probably the Knicks would have had to lose every game this season for Thomas to get the Ax. Although Dolan tried to give a different impression. Logically and probably in other cities Isiah would be history already or if not at the end of the season. But the town is not Any Place USA.

It is the Big Apple

It is Gotham it is

the Capital of the World

if not the Entire Universe

Jimmy Dolan and Isiah Thomas belong together in Hype City.

Both think they are God’s Gift to only they know what but they both get up every morning praying to themselves telling the mirror how wonderful they are.

Jimmy Dolan can afford to indulge himself anyway he likes as a Billionaire thanks to Daddyo. Jimmy got very rich the best way all he had to do was get born the family wealth took care of the rest as it grew even bigger.

Isiah maybe only realized he was Hot Stuff when he reached high school and became a teenage basketball star. On to a stellar college career. And then SuperStar in the NBA. With all the right looks and moves and the big flashy smile to draw everyone into Isiah’s world. After some post career mediocre years as a head coach Thomas did the obvious he set his sights higher.

First he bought his own basketball league. When that didn’t quite work out the next step was to become President of a famous NBA team.

Enter the Very Willing James Dolan

Looking for the Sizzle.

Isiah arrived in New York City to lots of press and buckets of adoring attention in December 2003 proclaiming himself ready to make the long floundering Knicks who could no longer even spell NBA Championship it had been so long Champions Again. No not by coaching the team. You must be kidding getting his $ 3000 suits all sweaty on the sidelines. No Isiah’s calling was Higher to be above it all and travel the world first class thinking the Knicks Successful.

Even James Dolan who was and is the President of the Isiah Thomas Fan Club finally got tired of that Act after it produced nothing but Trouble and expensive head coaches to go. Go away with piles of Dough. Besides the NY sports media and the fans not that they are all that important began to get tired and yes even stay away so the Knicks could play to expensive empty seats.

What’s an owner to do ???

Get theatrical and call Isiah’s Bluff if only for effect..

“Isiah you must come down from the mountain now and coach my I mean our Knicks or I will fire you if not today or next year or a decade from now certainly I will someday. So come down from the sky box and throw those first class airline tickets away for now.”

And Isiah did he

he really Did !!

And low and behold Praise the Lord Above Make the Heavens Sing and wild animals weep with Isiah Thomas as head coach this season the formerly dismal Knicks.. but wasn’t Isiah President of the Team …. stop bashing Isiah ….. with Isiah both President and Coach this season the Knicks have become a NEW team. While they had been far below .500 in recent seasons with Isiah in full command now in control of every single aspect of the entire Knicks operation both off and on the Court the Knicks are soaring to new heights.

The Knicks record this season as the regular part of it runs down is 29-36. The New York Knicks are only 7 games below .500.

WOW what an improvement.

Would anyone even think Isiah would not be back next season ?? Not only back but Success deserves reward and that is exactly what Jimmy Dolan has done. Ripping up the old Isiah contract which was only great and giving Thomas a new multi-year agreement worth far more Dough included and other Perks..

It only gets Better

Since there are only 6 teams in the NBA East basically assured of finishing the regular season with better records, and with 2 additional play off spots up for grabs and it appears only 3 teams left fighting for these 2 post season openings. Talk about Success. There is a fairly good chance the New York Knicks will make it to the First Round of the NBA Playoffs with Isiah Thomas as the President and Coach. Coach of the Year in New York City ! How about that.

So for anyone who had any doubts

about Isiah Thomas being rehired as

president and coach of the Knicks

those questions have been Answered

right here case closed but will

the Knicks go on to become

NBA Championships some

day under Isiah Thomas

some day any day

don’t ask stupid questions

Jimmy Dolan doesn’t care

he’s Isiah’s Biggest Fan and

besides Isiah has a Higher Calling

keeping Jimmy Dolan Happy

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