Hairston Supports Brother: Scott Says Jerry Jr. ‘Baffled’ By Allegations Of HGH Use

By Bob McManaman
Updated: March 5, 2007

TUCSON — Left fielder Scott Hairston, who appears to have an inside track on making the Diamondbacks’ 25-man roster, strongly defended his older brother, Jerry Jr., whose name surfaced Friday in a widespread steroids investigation.

Hairston Jr., an infielder for the Texas Rangers, allegedly received a prescription for human growth hormone in May 2004 from a doctor who is one of nine people from three states to be arrested after a probe by prosecutors in upstate New York.

Though there is no proof Hairston Jr. ever used any illegal substance, reported that drugs were sent to addresses in Arizona and Maryland that were traced to him. Hairston Jr. has denied the accusations

“I talked to my brother Friday and he was very disappointed about the allegations,” Scott Hairston said before Saturday’s game against the White Sox, for whom his father, Jerry Sr., is a minor league hitting coach. “I know my brother very well, and I know that’s not of his character.

“I’m going to stand by him, and I’m going to believe every word he says. He’s an honest person. He has no idea about this. He’s baffled. He was shocked, and I was shocked. But I’m here to support him, and I believe in what he says.”

The Hairston brothers are third-generation professional baseball players, and both have said their family name shouldn’t be tarnished. Scott Hairston added he’s not concerned that his name might get dragged into the mess.

“It’s never crossed my mind,” he said, “because I know I’ve never done anything like that. I’ve never taken steroids or HGH or anything illegal in my life, so I’m not worried about myself at all.

“I understand (rumors can spread), but our family’s going to be OK. Jerry’s going to get through this. He’s a strong person, and he’s always been honest, and just like my dad, I’m going to support him.”