Et Tu Gary Matthews Say It Isn’t True

Updated: March 5, 2007



In the play Julius Caesar

by the Bard William Shakespeare

Caesar on being cut down in the Senate

in the famous scene turns to Brutus

as he falls in Disbelief that one of his own

had thrust a Dagger into his dying body

We have been led to Believe or have chosen to Believe with the same kind of disbelief that Caesar greeted his Assassins, that the Steroid Mess in Baseball is behind us except for the ever present reminder of Barry Bonds refusing to fade away rather choosing to mock Hank Aaron’s 755 HomeRuns.

But NO this past week the Spectre arises once again with a lesser name but still recognizable even more so because of his father who preceded him into the Majors and now the son who bears his name we learn is under investigation for the possible purchase of illegal steroids from an Albany, NY pharmacy.

Nothing may come of the investigation. No surprise Gary Matthews Jr. denies any knowledge whatsoever categorically. On the other hand it is stretching it a bit to think that the District Attorney randomly chose to investigate this Gary Matthews among hundreds who have that same rather common name.

For better it seemed but possibly for worse Gary Matthews is coming off a surprising career season with the Texas Rangers in 2006 far better than any other in his somewhat lackluster ML career as he has bounced from team to team, and last year so good the California Angels signed him as a Free Agent to a very lucrative multi-season contract worth $50 million.

So the Question being asked of and about Gary Matthews Jr. now is did he finally reach his potential in 2006 at 32 years old, did Texas provide him the kind of environment and coaching that did the Trick.

Or as the Rolling Stones sing

in their iconic Mother’s Little Helper

can it also be said of Gary Matthews Jr.

What a drag it is getting old “Kids are different today,” I hear every mother say Mother needs something today to calm her down And though she’s not really ill There’s a little yellow pill She goes running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper And it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day

Anyway back from that brief diversion into rock & roll’s distant past (or the aging Stones’ next geriatric tour) guess which other names appear on the Albany pharmacy’s growth hormone customer list Jose Canseco and Evander Holyfield for two. Quite a coincidence. Maybe they were also masquerading as Matthews ? Could be. As far as the seriousness of the investigation 9 other individuals not including these 3 have already been arrested.

What may be worse is the straight out of a movie script response about the allegations by Matthews’ lawyer Robert Shapiro who said Saturday. “He is eager to tell his side of the story and looks forward to providing a statement once all investigations into the matter have been completed.”


“However, it is my long standing policy not to allow clients to comment while an investigation is ongoing. To do so would be inappropriate and I believe irresponsible.”

Matthews had been a player with a modest career .263 batting average and unimpressive numbers until last season that is. Here is Gary Matthews Jr. for the Texas Rangers in 2006. Batting average of .313, 19 HomeRuns and 79 RBIs accompanied by spectacular outfield play.

All of it well within the range of statistical possibility finally reaching his Promise, but just as much it could be the result of hitting the needle. It sure doesn’t help his case when his name appears on a list of steroid buyers if it is him there ?

Gary Jr. might not be reassured

and certainly not amused

by the statement of Angels

owner Arte Moreno ….

“Both the Angels and I have strongly encouraged Gary to co-operate with any authority investigating this matter. Specifically, the Angels have asked him to come forward and fully answer all questions surrounding the recent allegations against him. The organization continues to expect that this matter will come to a quick conclusion.” We’ll see ??

Back to Willy Shakespeare

this time his play Macbeth

as the Witches say

again and again in Scene I

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and cauldron bubble

Trouble may be Brewing for

Gary Matthews Jr.

We’ll see

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