Encore: Is NCAA Headed For Its First Loss

Updated: March 28, 2007
Encore Box:



Myles Brand and Bud Selig

remain in their Dead Heat for

Biggest Con Artist in Sport

but the Doctor may be

ready to take the Lead

By being Officially Exposed for abusing Student Athletes while waving the American flag and praising motherhood. Yes if we lived in a normal world ( fat chance ) Myles Brand and Bud Selig world be sharing a cell in the Federal Pen and Rachel Robinson would bring them cookies on weekends.

( to pick up her check from Bud )

But that’s another Story. For now we bring you tidings of Good News. That the NCAA is really being hauled into Federal Court. And in spite of the fact most Federal Judges would bend over for anything the NCAA brass ask them for as they have in the past. They may finally be faced with a case that does ot allow them to hide behind their expensive princely judicial robes.

The NCAA is facing a Jury Trial

Praise the Lord Above

So while Dr. Brand sits in his Ivy Tower speaking of doctoral dissertations and the merits of Yeats poetry and supping in exclusive rich wood paneled academic dining rooms reserved for the most Elite the REAL Myles Brand the CON Man will be on Trial along with his his confidence game called the NCAA.


all those white boys and girls

who do sports for major media

and spend their days and nights kissing

Myles Brand’s and the NCAA’s ass

read no more this is the Real World

It turns out some Smart Lawyers have found a flaw in NCAA hegemony. Right out there in the open for all to see. The NCAA forbids colleges who are members meaning all colleges with few exceptions – it forbids them to give out college scholarships to student athletes that really cover all their expenses.

What does that mean …..

That most student athlete read mostly BLACK student athletes must beg and borrow to actually meet their college expenses which almost always come to on average $ 2500 a year more than the so called scholarship.

Colleges are forbidden from including ” school supplies, recommended text books, laundry expenses, health and disability insurance, travel expenses and incidental expenses.” So that while these athletes are making hundreds of millions make that Billions for the NCAA not only are they forbidden from any kind of compensation monetary or otherwise the “full” scholarships the NCAA brags they get are in fact a Con Game. They don’t even get that.

So how does that turn into a Federal case ??

Because this is a clear case of a Trust in operation and there are anti -Trust laws thank God as weak as they now are. The NCAA is dictating to all of the hundreds of member college what constitutes a full scholarship and what they can offer student athletes in providing them so called “full” scholarships.

In fact these are not independent colleges they are agents ALL controlled by the NCAA which dictates their terms of operation in violation of their right to conduct business under the laws of the United States. You conform to the Trust or the Trust in fact destroys you by not sanctioning your sports program.

Here is what the NCAA argues in its Brief …

It is in effect operating for the “good of all” just as trusts always do.

Claiming if they do not set rules the entire “industry” will collapse. Specifically the NCAA states ” If we eliminate the limit on scholarships, the playing field will not be level. The wealthier schools will be able to recruit and to accumulate all of the better players. The poorer schools would be dropping sports or cutting back on sports because they could not pay the increased costs.”

Yes the Old Greater Good defense

The problem is it makes VICTIMS of student athletes who in most cases don’t even get the crumbs they are promised for playing college ball. Instead they are left to beg their families or go into debt for on average an additional $ 2500 a year in school expenses and often more.

You heard the NCAA BS above

now here is The Reality

What the NCAA is doing is insuring the greedy colleges make even more $$$ off of their student athletes, the cream of the crop, then they would otherwise by saving hundreds of thousands even millions in additional “expenses” NOT giving high quality student athletes REAL full scholarships which by the way all these colleges are free to give other students who are NOT student ATHLETES.

This is as is called in the trade a Double Edged Con. In many Trusts it is the individual “companies” who are exploited by the Trust having to conform to odious requirements or be forced out of business. In this case the Trust the NCAA and the member “firms” benefit. In fact the NCAA is providing a VALUABLE service to these colleges saving them lots of money student athletes would otherwise demand to play for them. A Classic Con Game.

Listen to this

In this Class Action suit on behalf of all student athletes under anit-Trust law if they win the case the law provides for TRIPLE damages which means the student athletes with “full” scholarships will not only be owed $ 2500 a year in compensation but rather $ 7500 a year in damages.

It is estimated the damages as this case is structured and the students it covers could amount to as much as $ 350 Million. Let’s hope it is even more. As with all other Trusts such as the oil trust, the railroad trust, and all the other trusts in American history the goal is to destroy the trust and create a better nation.

Even more here and beyond

the monetary damages

if the ruling is that

the NCAA is a Trust

in the meaning of the Law

they will be open to other legal action

lots and lots of legal actions

challenges every single onerous

NCAA restriction on student athletes

as a restraint of trade under anti-Trust

maybe just maybe we can End

this Insult to American society

this Blot upon the Land

called the NCAA

FREE colleges

FREE athletes

FREE America

from this Bondage

once and for ALL

and Dr. Myles Brand

should Go to Jail

share a Cell with

Bud Selig and

eat cookies brought

them by Rachel Robinson

( cookies for Bud really )

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