Don King Meets His Match Pope Benedict At The Vatican

Updated: March 22, 2007



If you are Don King

( of course you’re not )

and you’ve met everyone

you think is worth meeting

there is only one place

left to go Rome and then

turn left for the Vatican

and go see the Pope !

Otherwise known to his friends as His Holiness Benedict XVI ( #16 ). Don King whose usual style of meeting Big Wigs might normally includes very thick steaks, rare cigars and heavy drinking at some very expensive restaurant, has to take a different approach to meet the Pope. Very different.

For starters mere Mortals – which King represents to His Holiness – don’t ever get private meetings with the Pope. Never. Don King may fancy himself the King of Boxing. But only “real” Kings get personal meetings with the Pope.

So Don King having arrived in Italy to promote Boxing or some version of it in Rome was left with one choice Pope Benedict’s weekly Audience for the Faithful held in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican each Wednesday afternoon.

A small intimate gathering for 25,000 locals and lots of world travelers and no one getting more than within a hundred feet of the Pope not even The Famous Don King. Most of those filling huge St. Peter’s Square are left standing.

But King isn’t famous for nothing

He used his Boxing connections to get himself one of the first row seats only one hundred feet away from the Pope ( just don’t make any sudden moves ) while Benedict XVI sits on a large chair or throne if you prefer delivering a carefully scripted Religious Message to the huge Crowd before Blessing them.

Here is a sample of what King heard from His Holiness

” Truth, and not what is merely fashionable, must guide Christians as they enter into dialogue with those who hold different philosophies or religious beliefs.” Pope Benedict XVI went on to speak at length about one of his heroes St. Justin, a philosopher and martyr decapitated in Rome back in 165AD.

Not the normal boxing gym talk King typically hears

Still King dressed in a conservative blue suit and reportedly his hair well groomed, Don King came prepared with Gifts for his Pope. King came with a green and gold boxing belt which may go quite well with the Pope’s standard wardrobe, plus a very personal letter written by Don King himself.

Advice for the Pope from The King

King at least expected to be ushered up to

the Seated Pope to make his presentation

reasonable expectation if King was

greeting a President or another King

but not the one and only Pope

second only to God on Earth

After concluding His Audience, His Holiness’ Popemobile (that is what the calls it) pulled up with Don King still in his seat and Pope Benedict began his bullet proof ride in slow motion around St. Peter’s Square so all 25,000 visitors could get a look. Then and only then was Don King allowed to rise and jog along side the moving Popemobile and hand his gifts to someone in the vehicle.

Apparently King was not disappointed. To quote him “I was thrilled to be there. It was a deep spiritual experience. “Faith is the thing that carries us through,” King who is now 75 and thinking about the Pearly Gates may have been inspired to make the trip to see the Pope in the hope of gaining Eternal Salvation.

It is impossible to determine

if Don King made a sincere

Pilgrimage to St. Peter’s Square

or he simply found one good way

to get himself more publicity

while in Rome promoting

Don King’s boxing matches

planned for Italy soon

what do you think

( ha ha )

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