Bud Selig’s Satellite $$$$ Deal

Updated: March 11, 2007




how many sides of his mouth

can Bud Selig speak out of


As many as required to

BS Baseball Fans and

The Major Media

Unfortunately for Bud here in the Box it does not matter. He can speak out of infinite sides of his mouth and he won’t Fool us. Never has never will. His latest Charade is taking the national MLB package called Extra Innings which for some extra Dough got you not all but most of the MLB games so you could pick and choose to watch whatever game you liked. As some of you very likely did.

So far so good this Deal was generally available through your local cable provider. No more. Unwilling to leave any possible Dollar Bill on the Table, This Bud’s Not For You Selig, has yanked Extra Innings off of Cable and sold the package to Direct TV that’s Satellite TV for a very cool $700 Million for 7 years which you can pay for by then adding Direct TV for a fee and a Dish then paying even more $180 for the right to receive Extra Innings in the comfort of of your home.

That’s if you can get it at all where you live. 82% of the U.S. population could receive Extra Innings from the local cable provider only 16% of U.S. households will even be in range to get Direct TV’s Extra Innings.

So why is this story in the Black Box ?

Because of an insidious “side effect” that will be created by Bud Selig’s race (good word) for the Gold all the Gold he can possibly stuff into his Major League pockets. Right now there are few enough African American baseball fans because there are so few African Americans players in MLB baseball.

With Extra Innings grown ups and their kids in the African American community could follow endangered African American players by switching to games where a Black player occasionally 2 were featured. Black kids might actually identify with Major League Baseball so that they might actually want to play.

Now with the switch to the Dish very few Black households will even be able to get the Extra Innings package and the few who can would be forced to pay $180 a year to receive the expanded MLB schedule. There are even less High Income African American households. The target market for the Dish.

Ryan Howard personifies the problem as well as any player in Baseball today. He is just the kind of Young Black SuperStar that African Americans can root for Joyously and Black kids want to grow up to Just Like Ryan.

Except that now unless you are lucky enough or unlucky enough to live in the Philadelphia area you are rarely going to see Howard play any more unless you have the Dish and want to shovel up $180. And in Sports absence does not make the Heart or the Fan or the kids grow fonder for what they cannot see.

But Bud Selig could not care less

In fact he has told ALL Baseball Fans to STOP complaining about the Change. As far as him caring specifically about African American fans or kids YOU MUST BE KIDDING. Rachel Robinson is the ONLY African American who thinks Selig cares about anything Black. And Rachel gets paid the Big Bucks for doing so excuse us her Jackie Robinson Foundation does.

So we’ll leave you now so

you can go search for a Cheap Dish

and $180 to Waste for nothing

but feeding Bud Selig’s hunger

for bigger and bigger Bucks

( don’t you dare )

while we prepare for

Bud’s next Big Black Box

his April 15th Con Game

yes indeed “honoring” (sic)

Jackie Robinson’s

60th Anniversary with

Old Rachel by his Side

you can watch it on the Dish

if you are that Stupid while

Bud & Rachel Dish it out.


We are back from our two day “vacation.”

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