Box & One With Agent 0

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: March 28, 2007

SEATTLE — Hey look, there are a few other things that I could be talking to you about right now but I’ve just witnessed one of the most amazing individual performances that I’ve seen all season and I just got to tell somebody about.

What I witnessed was like someone had stolen straight out of my dreams, where I’m the star, and somebody just put it out there for the world to see. As a matter of fact, it was even embellished or like someone was editing the story right in front of my face. Whoa, I could’ve been caught up in a Matrix!

Let me just start off by saying, Gilbert Arenas, a.k.a. Agent 0, is not to be messed with! I honestly believe that he’s got a chip on his shoulder about where he was chosen in the draft and until he takes his last shot of his career, he’ll be making GM’s say, “what was I thinking!”

On this night Gilbert, averaging 29.0 for the season dropped 42 points on the Seattle Supersonics and that’s not really the story, it’s the way that it went down, completely effortless.

Sure, his teammates looked for him but not like how the Lakers do with Kobe Bryant. The team kept going through their designed sets and the ball touched a few different hands before Agent 0 saw it. Oh and when he did it was like shooting fish in a barrel.

The Sonics played him tough with Damien Wilkins and Luke Ridnour trading off on him. To be honest Gilbert was really getting hammered with some cheap fouls but wasn’t getting the calls even though he shot 10-of-12 from the line.

As a matter of fact, he played the entire second half in foul trouble.

The beauty of it all was watching Agent 0 negotiate with the officials and get his point across in a way not to offend but garner a closer look upon his nest drive to the basket was simply masterful. This type of mannerisms, in a player that has only been in the league five years is unbelievable!

Okay, now let me get back to the game. There were about 11 lead changes and the game was tied nine times, but it really didn’t get interesting until the last 90 seconds.

With the score tied, Nick Collison rebounded the ball off Antonio Daniels’ missed lay up and immediately called time out after the ball crossed half court. I still can’t figure out how many options were drawn up by the Sonics Coach Hill but I know it was one less the normal with Ray Allen being on the inactive list.

The ball ended up in the hands of Rashard Lewis he drove to the basket, for the potential game winning shot, with five seconds on the shot clock and two seconds left in the game.

He missed a point blank lay up and didn’t get the home court call; he should be applauded for not getting the technical as well. So we’re all tied up when the Wizards inbound the ball to Agent 0 he drives to the basket for the game winning shot.


Now, what was so cold blooded was that after the shot Gilbert took off his jersey and placed it at center court, man that’s just gangster! “I’ve always wanted to do that and have the fans run out on the floor to get my jersey,” stated Gilbert. </font

Instead Squatch, the Seattle Supersonics mascot, did a little dance number on his jersey before throwing it into the stands. “Man, these mascots are getting brave these days, maybe I’ll have better results if I get the opportunity to do this at home” he added.

Still, it was pretty awesome.