Black Quarterback Evolution In The NFL

Updated: March 24, 2007


More signs that Black Quarterbacks

are continuing to become ever more

prominent in the ‘new’ NFL

Up until now the only NFL team that could ever claim to have a Black Starting Quarterback and a Black back up Quarterback being groomed to become the future Starting Quarterback are the current Jacksonville Jaguars.

It looks like 2 more teams are about to join

that very special and promising list

Oakland and Atlanta

One situation seems certain and the other won’t be for at least 2 months. But simply being able to write about the possibly shows long overdue progress in a football world in which White Starting Quarterbacks and their White replacements in training are still very much the norm.

Much too much the norm.

What we have all been witnessing in real time over the last decade and most of all these last 5 years is clear definable if still too slow the emergence of African Americans as a major factor at Quarterback. In fact it may take another Decade before the full dimensions of the Change become evident.

It is those Black teenagers and pre-teens who have begun to see just enough African Americans as NFL Quarterbacks these last 5 years that more and more young African American boys with an interest in and talent for football now have “role models” from afar to provide them self-confidence to set the same goal for themselves Quarterbacking in high school, college and the pros.

The difference we will see emerge comes from the numbers. With hundred rather than a few dozen Black Quarterbacks working their way through high school and college ball it is inevitable that a more sizable pool will result in more stellar Black Quarterbacks who make it all the way to starting roles in the NFL.

Which brings us back to this latest development

The Atlanta Falcons have just sent and unexpectedly so a somewhat talented back up Quarterback Matt Schaub to the Houston Texans where he will become their new Starting Quarterback replacing the Loser David Carr who no one wants and has been released. But who last year was the QB the Texans kept even paid a bonus instead of Drafting hometown hero Vince Young.

Conventional wisdom was that Atlanta would keep Schaub who had filled in for an injured Michael Vick parts of the last two years. Even that he would be Michael Vick’s successor sooner or later. But in sending him packing it is clear who will take over from now on for an injured Michael Vick and who will be the next Starting Quarterback for Atlanta DJ Shockley of Georgia fame.

Also quite revealing are increasing rumors that the Oakland Raiders will snag veteran Black Quarterback Daunte Culpepper from the Dolphins, to have him start in Oakland until their expected #1 Draft Choice JaMarcus Russell of LSU fame who routed Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl is ready to Start.

Over at the Jacksonville Jaguars not only do we have the first NFL team ever to have an African American Starting Quarterback Byron Leftwich and Starting Quarterback in Waiting African American QB David Garrard but unique in ALL of NFL history even the third Quarterback on the Jaguars is African American young Quinn Gray. Don’t expect to see that combination repeated on any other NFL team for many years. Or longer.

Bear witness to these 3 developments

and more to follow witness the evolution

of the Black Quarterback in the NFL

before your very eyes Black or White

season after NFL season

Praise the Lord

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