Black Ice Hockey And Sports Hall Of Fame Announces Its 2007 Inductees In Ice Hockey

By Tony McClean
Updated: March 8, 2007

Ray Emery

Ray Emery

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — The 2007 Black Ice Hockey And Sports Hall Of Fame Advisory Committee announced the inductees for the 2nd Black Ice Hockey And Sports Hall of Fame under the category of Ice Hockey.

A total of 24 players and five teams had been nominated (27 men, three women). Eight ice hockey players and two teams will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at this year’s Second Black Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame Conference scheduled for August 24-25 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The 2007 Ice Hockey Inductees are:

PLAYERS George Tolliver- Halifax Eurekas -Colored Hockey League

Charlie Lightfoot –Stratford/Ft. William, 1907 -1910

Fred “Bud” Kelly – 118th Battalion CEF, 1917

John “Buster” Paris – Windsor, Bulldogs, 1920

Alton White – Baltimore Blades, WHA

Eldon “Pokey Reddick –Edmonton Oilers, NHL

Ray Emery – Ottawa Senators, NHL

Angela James , Canadian Women’s Hockey Team 1990-1997


Halifax Stanleys 1894- 1895 – 1895 Colored League Champions

Walter Saunders –Forward, Agustus “Gus” Adams – Point, Charles Allison – Point, Alfred Carter – Forward, George Clyke -Goal , B. McKerrow – Forward ,Frank Saunders – Forward /Team Captain.

Africville Seasides 1902 – 1902 Colored League Champions

John Cassiday -Point /Defense/Goal , James Carvery -Forward/Center/Goal , Frederick Carvery -Sub , Richard “Dick” Carvery – Forward/Right Wing , William Carvery, Sr. -Goal , Allen Dixon -Forward/Point/Rover , James E. Dixon – Goal/Forward/Point/Left Wing , Wallace Dixon -Forward/Cover Point , Richard “Dick” Dixon -Sub/Forward , William G. Howe, Jr. -Team Executive ,T.G. MacDonald -Treasurer and Manager.

The Second Black Ice Hockey and Sports Hall Of Fame Conference scheduled for August 24-25 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada is designed to be a forum for the celebration, promotion, and understanding of the Black Athlete and his or her role in North American Society.

The Conference offers scholars and students of Black Sports History a chance to come together for the purposes of meeting and networking all the while engaging in intellectual dialogue through comparative discussions and scholarly debate on various topics pertaining to the history of Black Sports.