After Eight Long Years Finally Nearing The Promised Land

Updated: March 4, 2007




8 years ago today

on March 4, 1999

during a phone conversation

2 individuals decided to try

and use the Internet to change

the world of sports journalism

Bringing a Black perspective to sports and sports coverage. But doing more more than attempting to break the hegemony of a very narrowly controlled White interpretation of Sports that locked everyone else into a unified brain dead view of Reality, which some African Americans accept …even embrace because they don’t think anything else could possibly exist.

We have failed in many ways except maybe the most important of all Survival. Surviving carries within itself an indestructible message of Hope, while the White Guys with all the investment dollars have absolutely no interest in investing in a Black sports business and African Americans with money, athletes and others who are too jaded and have drunk too much Koolaid to believe it possible to be successful in an endeavor that is mostly about and written by Africans Americans. The fact is Black Athlete Sports Network operates every single day and has an ever larger archive of fascinating material and a growing audience.

But that is not what separates this

Anniversary from all the rest

What separates this Anniversary is that we are finally on the cusp of a kind of world business world that is a radical transformation call it a REVOLUTION, if you like, from everything that has come before it. The Secret is Out and nothing will ever be the same again.

The Dual Tongued Artists who have controlled everything meaning Money & Power from Day One, including the very Dawn of Civilization, are finally about to meet their match.

The vast majority of us, almost all African Americans and everyone else, have been under the yoke of Hierarchical Organizations in every aspect of our lives for Eons and Eons. Wealth and power – by the way the two are completely interchangeable – have always been concentrated at the top. By the time you reach down just a bit both disappear and at the bottom where neither exist. Now you can take that as a philosophical or political perspective on life but it is a business perspective, as well.

Which brings us to the Greatest Book Ever Written

(thinks that’s hype go read it)

WIKINOMICS How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything

by Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams

Which brings us right back to Black Athlete Sports Network. To quote from the dust jacket of Wikinomics, ” ……. a brilliant guide to one of the most profound changes of our times, Wikinomics challenges our most deeply rooted assumption about business and will prove indispensable to anyone who wants to understand competition in the twenty-first century. “That statement can be clearly labeled an UNDERstatement. The changes about to take place in business (and elsewhere ) will rock this society to its very Foundation …

…which brings us back to Black Athlete Sports Network. BASN is a perfect example (along with countless others) of who is about to benefit from the Death of the Monster. He has kept us all tightly in his lifeless grip, leaving us with the crumbs off his Table if even that.

The point is …

The new word of collaboration, self-organizing systems, social networking in its more evolved forms, and instantaneous and largely costless communications, inherent in what we call simply The Internet, has reached the point where it is delving deep into organizational life and all businesses are organizations.

Yes on an even Deeper Level and we can’t go any Deeper these various tools and ways of organizing ourselves that are no longer theoretical but very practical and sweeping the globe unleash the power and the intelligence inherent in groups of us working together for our own benefit that the Power Junkies at the top of the Pyramid always easily prevented taking place because all the control of our ability to cooperate and collaborate was concentrated in the Few.

Which brings us back to Black Athlete Sports Network in a very practical here and now way. Right now BASN can and will completely rewrite its “business model” based on the ease with which Black athletes and Black journalists can create an alternative world of Sports entertainment and coverage to rival and surpass anything the White Boys are pumping out …

…and do it profitably for audiences Black and White. That this new world of electronic cooperation and collaboration is becoming so immediate that even Black athletes who have been totally under the control of their White team owners, and White agents, and White business consultants and White “hypnotists” will now begin to realize that it is so easy to collaborate to their own benefit that they won’t be able to think any more of any good reason why they shouldn’t.

African American sports journalists won’t have to get up every morning and put on a White Face if they want a career for themselves and if they want to be successful at what they do …without reporting with blinders on because those Old White (and Young) Dudes with all the money and all the power can’t hold it together any more in this New World of “Wikinomics” in which the Big Bad Hierarchy of Command – Control VERY BIG AND VERY BAD …collapses.

Up until now we have all lived in a Command-Control World from the time we crawled out of the teeming Oceans millions of years ago. Now we are finally taking that fateful step beyond. All organizations, specifically businesses, are gladly or are being forced to admit that allowing everyone of us to fully participate in the business and to reach whatever heights we can is the kind of organization that will be most profitable and most likely to survive. The only kind any of us are going to be willing to associate ourselves.

And this is just the kind of business world in which Black athletes, Black journalists and all of us will see everywhere we turn, finding and working in companies that are all for full expression on our terms and where collaboration between all involved with little or no restrictions … results in fabulous products and services that consumers want because they are the Best.

And as we Celebrate our 8th Anniversary

having survived 8 grueling years

Black Athlete Sports Network

is about to enter

The Promised Land

and so are you.

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….

Martin Luther King, Jr. ” I HAVE A DREAM NOW MAKE IT REALITY “