Aaron Brooks Complete Package

Updated: March 15, 2007



How many college players

lead both their Division I

football and basketball teams

not very many and most notable

Senior Aaron Brooks of the

University of Oregon Ducks

Brooks is now about to top off his college career with a trip to the NCAA Championship. Not just going there. Brooks led the Pac-10 in scoring and took his team to a #3 Seed in the Tournament. And Brooks is maybe even on the candidate list for NCAA basketball player of the year.

Brooks will get his first test in this NCAA Championship on Friday when 3rd Seed Oregon ( 26-7 ) plays 14th Seeded Miami of Ohio ( 18-14 ) at “home” the Oregon Ducks playing in Spokane, Washington. Get this even Miami University coach Charlie Coles says he is looking forward to see Brooks play. Quite a compliment when it is against his own team. Charlie Coles calls Aaron Brooks a true All American. Too bad he’s not playing for Miami Charlie.

As for Brooks stats he had a game average 17.6 points a game complimented by averaging 4.6 rebounds. Nationally the Ducks finished the regular season ranked #10 in the nation which puts them in the elite top tier. This is their first trip to the Tournament since 2003 before Aaron Brooks time.

The larger point here is that aaron Brooks’ team leading basketball career at the University of Oregon is only half the story. Beyond Oregon it would not be surprising for more sports fans associating Brooks with football.

Aaron Brooks has been the Starting Quarterback for Oregon the last two seasons and in the 2005 season came within one game of a perfect regular season their only loss to #1 USC while going 10-1. Finishing #6 in the nation in the Harris Poll computer rankings slightly lower in the other Polls. Without that one loss had they beaten #1 USC we might well be referring to Aaron Brooks as the Quarterback of the National NCAA Champion Ducks of 2006.

Still Basketball is where Brooks is really making his best mark. One example being back in January when Oregon upset then #1 UCLA with Brooks scoring 25 points and winning the game with a jump shot with 13 seconds on the Clock.

As of right now the “diminutive” Aaron Brooks as he is often described is looking real good for the NBA draft later in the Spring as a sought after Guard. Here is how an ESPN NBA scouting report describes Brooks.

“He is easily one of the five quickest players on the college level, allowing him to penetrate against just about any guard he is matched up with. He combines his incredible quickness with shooting range that extends well beyond the NBA three point line, and he shows no hesitance whatsoever to pull the trigger if he feels disrespected by the daylight he is seeing. A lightning bug guard who can shoot the hell out of the ball is always going to be a tough player to defend, to say the least.”

So keep your eyes on

Oregon Guard Aaron Brooks

in the NCAA Championship

and then NBA Draft to do

very well in both

Quack Quack

Go Ducks !

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