What Does Barack Obama Running For President Mean for American Sports

Updated: February 11, 2007


Will Saturday in Springfield prove

the defining moment in American politics

it probably was not Hillary’s best day

Barrack Obama proved why he is

Different and can compete

It may prove to be his Biggest Problem. He may be too good for America to take. Not all of America. Another way of looking at his Problem. A Big Problem for all the Bigots and the Right Wing Whackos. Barack Obama may be so Good even Tiger Woods will proclaim he is proud to be AFRICAN American.

That may be another way of viewing

Barack Obama’s Problem

he is Too Good

In the single most sought after goal on Earth without a doubt in these United States an AFRICAN American can play a better “game” than all the White Players. And he clearly brings with him an AFRICAN American perspective. Just listen to a few preview comments from his “60 Minute” interview coming up Sunday evening.

” When asked by Kroft if growing up in a white household had caused him to make a decision to be black, Obama replies, “I’m not sure I decided it. I think if you look African American in this society, you’re treated as an African American. It’s interesting though, that now I feel very comfortable and confident in terms of who I am and where I stake my ground. But I notice that I’ve become a focal point for a racial debate.”

Here is what Obama’s wife Michelle says on “60 Minutes”

” Obama’s wife also addresses the race issue when asked by Kroft whether she fears for her husband’s life as a black candidate. “I don’t lose sleep over it because the realities are that – as a black man – Barack can get shot going to the gas station,” says Michelle Obama. “You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.”

This is NOT Tiger Woods speaking

( and certainly not his wife )

Which brings us to Barack Obama

and Sports in America

Barack Obama’s election as President of the United States would do more than anything to transform Sports in America. President Obama would replace Jackie Robinson as as the most important African American influence on Sports.

Say what ?

President Barack Obama will transform

Sports in America for African Americans

The President’s image and presence in our society as the personification of the nation is so profound that he (or her) has a major impact on everything. NOW DOUBLE OR TRIPLE THAT IF OBAMA BECOMES PRESIDENT.

Staying with Sports our interest in Barack Obama here.

First and foremost President Barack Obama will have his most powerful impact on African American athletes and even more very young African Americans on the road to becoming significant athletes and coaches and executives. With Barrack Obama as President almost every African American in Sports will set their sights higher. And Obama’s success will be their finest reason to be more self-confident than they have ever been before. No barriers too large.



If Barack Obama becomes President let anyone White or Black try to tell any young Black athlete he can’t be the Starting Quarterback, OR tell any talented African American he can’t be the head coach of a Division I NCAA team, OR any successful African American entrepreneur they can’t own a Major League Baseball team OR become Commissioner of the NBA OR tell African American students there is no place for them on the crew team, OR the lacrosse team OR all the other college sports where Black student are almost never seen.

And then there will be President Obama’s

impact on the White Sports Establishment

What is NCAA President Myles Brand going to say to President Obama when he is invited to The White House with ALL 119 Division I NCAA football coaches. Barack Obama isn’t going to have to say anything. OR when he invites ALL32 NFL owners to The White House ORALL30 MLB owners to The White House OR the NFL, NB A and MLB Commissioners to The White House OR when he invites USA’s Winter Olympic Team to The White House. OR our “favorite” in the Box ALL the MLB Umpires !

ALL we will need are

The White House photos

of these events

photos worth a billion words

President Obama in the middle of

a troubling sea of WHITE faces

That is just for starters of course.

Barack Obama elected as an African American will not only be required to focus his attention on discrimination in American society he will have a MANDATE from the majority of Americans White & Black who in the MAJORITY will have elected him President of the United States if they do. If America elects Barack Obama they will clearly be electing a BLACK American President. America in search of fairness for ALL Americans.

Obama does not “hide” his Blackness as does Tiger Woods. Barack states over and over again as he does on “60 Minutes” Sunday evening being African American is not the only but it is an essential element of who he is.

Michelle Obama “says”

she does not Fear for

her husband’s life

She Should


If you want to see the best, most innovative political Website ever go to BarackObama.com. Just one more example of why this is THE campaign to beat. Hillary has a very BIG problem as well as the Republicans

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