Troy Smith’s Campaign Draft Me Cleveland

Updated: February 2, 2007



Some might have though

Heisman Winner Troy Smith

has been hiding since his

abysmal performance at

Fiesta Bowl Championship

Apparently not. Not in home town Cleveland anyway. Word is has has set his sights on being drafted by the Browns and becoming their Salvation. They certainly need one whether or not they agree Smith is One. Cleveland was 4-12 this past 2006 season and finished Dead Last in the NFC North with the second worst record in the Conference “bested” only by Oakland 2-14.

Cleveland has “won” itself the 3rd pick or the 4th pick in April’s 2007 NFL Draft with their disastrous 2006 season right after Oakland #1 and Detroit #2. The uncertainty factor is they are “tied” with Tampa Bay for the #3 spot and that will be decided by a coin flip at the upcoming NFL Combine.

Whether Cleveland gets #3 or #4 may not help Troy Smith one way or the other. None of the many self proclaimed “experts” making Draft selection projections are picking Smith to go in the First Round. Nor the Second. Some not even the Third. The point is as of right now Smith for better or worse fairly or not Smith is not a Hot Commodity despite his Heisman and his fabulous record at Ohio State for 3 years minus the recent National Championship game.

If Smith wants to get depressed about

his chances of going to the Browns

All he has to do is read the story Cleveland placed on its own Website this week from by the NFL’s own news wire written by an AP reporter.

Take a look at this from the story ..

” The Browns seem committed to starting either Charlie Frye or Derek Anderson at quarterback next season, so if they pick a QB, it probably won’t be until the later rounds of the two-day draft April 28-29. ”

And this (ouch) ……

” Most draft experts have forecast Smith being taken in the second or third round. The knock on Smith is that he’s not a prototypical pocket passer and that he’s too small — he was listed at 6-foot-1 on Ohio State’s roster.”

The bottom line here is Smith’s Dream of being chosen by Cleveland as their First Round Draft Choice probably will require a Miracle certainly the biggest surprise of all among the Draft forecasters.

Also not helping Troy Smith unlike Vince Young last year in which home town Houstonians were very very vocal in urging the Houston Texans to draft him – and they still didn’t – so far anyway there seems to be no comparable groundswell in Cleveland. Which is strange sort of. And may change as the Draft gets closer. But under these circumstances it may not matter.

Most of all it will be interesting to see if Troy Smith can actually use the next two months in Cleveland to build momentum for himself there. The fact is Troy Smith is one of the outstanding young Quarterbacks in the nation. The way he is being literally brutalizing in the run up to the Draft seems painfully unjustified. Compare his treatment to Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn who had multiple worse games during 2007 and was humiliated in the Sugar Bowl.

Brady Quinn is still being picked #2 or #3 in all the Draft predictions. A brain dead few even say #1. And get this some are even predicting Cleveland will grab him if he is still available when they get their turn. HOW PAINFUL WOULD THAT BE FOR TROY SMITH. It couldn’t get much worse. Imagine Cleveland choosing Quinn as their first choice and then nobody grabbing Smith until the 3rd round or even the 4th. Not likely but possible.

Now if we wanted to pile on which we don’t we might suggest that Troy Smith is being punished on some cosmic level for his statements that he does not in any way identify himself as an African American Quarterback and his other statements critical of the big deal that was made of Warren Moon being the First African American Quarterback to be elected to the NFL Hall of Fame.

The only thing certain here is

Troy Smith desperately wants

Cleveland to Draft him and

it is very very unlikely

Cleveland will

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