Tiki Barber Makes His Move

Updated: February 13, 2007


How about being only 31

already having completed

one very notable career

and about to begin

another as much

or more so

If you were lucky enough rather smart and talented enough to be Tiki Barber you would. This is one very self-confident Brother who knows what he is doing with his life. And that is no Secret. Tiki has just ended his professional football career his very very successful career with the New Jersey Giants when so many others in his position would have kept playing for 5 or even more years.

Not retiring until nobody wanted them to play or cumulative injuries made it too painful to continue. Not Tiki Barber. It sure seems he has a plan for his life and he is following it. All that comes into focus right now because on Monday NBC announced that Barber will be joining their broadcast team.

Not as some sports jockey behind a desk analyzing football games from a set overlooking Time Square. Not a bad calling and one that sure needs more African Americans. In the broadcast booth even more. That is not for Tiki his aspirations and his appeal to the guys in the Network Suites is far higher.

Smart Tiki Barber is leveraging his football success and his communications talent and his fresh youthful looks and employing them on a larger stage beyond the Stereotypes and Sports. More power to him and a great role model for other successful African American athletes. If they can do the same ?

So here is the Deal

The premier running back of the New Jersey Giants is becoming an NBC Television Personality. Best defined as a recognizable broadcaster who is equipped to handle a wide variety of television assignments.

Those whose presence on any show makes it more interesting to viewers and advertisers. So yes we’ll be seeing Tiki doing some sports that enhances his image and plays to his background. But far more often he will be a news correspondent for the wildly popular Today Show (with or without Katie Couric).

In fact working as a correspondent on the Today Show will most likely lead to playing host when the regulars like Matt Lauer are off vacationing or in rehab or something then leading to a very coveted regular hosting job on Today. You can’t go much higher than that in broadcast as an on air personality.

Now while this scenario is Conjecture

Barber is getting a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract that may or may not surpass his NFL earning that is a definite. Even more it is reported Fox, ABC and ESPN among others were all courting the appealing Mr. Barber.

Barber retiring from football at 31 still amassed enough running yardage to make him the 10th most productive back in NFL history as of now. 15,631 yards from scrimmage carrying the ball 2803 times during his 10 year career. Put another way NFL Hall of Fame material a few years from now before he’s 40 !

Another mark of Tiki Barber’s Smarts is that contributing to his decision to retire so young is his concern about the impact of that violent sports on his health not so much right now but its effects in the years to come as befalls so so many former NFL players. Most of all those who stick around too long.

So come April look

for Tiki on Today

and elsewhere

around NBC

just don’t look for him

on the Gridiron come Fall

’cause Tiki has a Life

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