Tank Baller:The New OCW Brawler

By Al Rage
Updated: February 13, 2007

Houston, Texas… After a brief stint in a small “Bush League” wrestling organization, hardcore champion Tank Baller landed in Outta Control Wrestling. Tank started out as a bodyguard for OCW co-founder “King Ali,” one of the most dangerous men in wrestling today.

Tank fought a hardcore match for King Ali at Houston’s downtown Bayou Place. It was a corner Street fight. Tank’s job was to make a way for the King to walk right in and get the belt and win the Hardcore Championship.

The King was on his cell phone making a business call. Tank yelled, but the King was on the phone. Tank went up the pole and got the belt and became the new OCW Hardcore Heavyweight Champion.

After winning OCW’s first Hardcore Championship Battle Royal, he reinvented himself, including changing his name to Tank Baller. He receives undisclosed amounts of money from King Ail and his OCW checks have increased.

Tank Baller shopped like a mad man … new car, boat, house, you name it. The man is Balling.

He stands 6′ tall and weighs 293 pounds, from Las Vegas, Nevada. He earned the name Tank from high school, after attacking a wild bull at a football game.

The bull was a mascot for the visiting team. After his team lost the game 55 to 7, he got mad at the coach for not letting him play in the game. So he got up and ran head up with the bull and the bull ran away. Tank Baller was born.

He is not a veteran professional wrestler such as King Ali or me. He is a man with little ability and many people look for him to run out of gas. His first few weeks in the big league was hard .I quickly decided, he wasn’t going to make it, OCW showed no mercy on him, but he walked all the way through.

More importantly, he got the heat going on. He won the Hardcore Championship belt from Slapshot at the parking lot street fright. His record is 22 and 8 as a pro maybe with hard work we can see the Baller on his way to the top. Next week features The ROCK. Peace.