Question Answered Mosley Shines

Updated: February 12, 2007


The question to Saturday night’s

Fight Poster has now been answered

in fact put on your sunglasses

for Shane Mosley he is

Shining so Bright

The word DECISIVE was invented long ago (we postulate) in anticipation of Fist de Cuffs just like the one in Vegas between Shane Mosley and Luis Collazo. The only good news for Collazo is that he got paid well for his Trouble.

Mosley won a 12 Round Decision which amounts to a severe under-statement. Collazo won all of 1 Round. And that was a Gift from the Boxing Gods. It would have been more merciful for Luis if Mosley had KOed him early on and Collazo could have spent a quality evening doing something else.

Looking at the same results from a difference perspective Shane Mosley landed to be emphatic LANDED 200 of 601 punches he threw at Luis Collazo while Poor Luis Collazo landed 87 of 639 punches he mostly tried to strike Mosley with. If someone anyone slams you with well over twice the punches you hit them with please trust us here expect to lose.

It probably did not make Collazo feel any better that Mosley spent the entire Bout with a Big Smile plastered to his face. It is disconcerting (another good word) to be in a boxing ring with an opponent who is so unconcerned about you that you can’t do anything to take that BIG smile off his face.

We surmise (another good word not used that often) the reason for Shane Mosley’s big smile was he was already looking forward to Bigger Paydays ahead the moment he stepped into the Ring with Collazo. Shane thinking about fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. most of all for the Welterweight Championship.

Let us remind you what you probably did not know to begin with Mr. Mosley is 35 years old not a Boxing Spring Chicken. But if he continues to Box the way he did Saturday night we might be writing about his Bouts when he’s 45. More likely Shane will be long retired by then but not before Caching Caching (sound of his cash register) more HBO bouts giving him retirement security for Life.

Which brings us back to Saturday night when Mosley earned $1 Million for sending Collazo home disappointed. Not all that much but more than you will ever make in or out of the ring. Just kidding we see Tremendous Wealth in your future (just go get a copy of The Secret and you’ll do fine). Actually Mosley earned much more the RESPECT of the Boxing Community with his 147 lb. Welterweight victory. And in Boxing RESPECT has $$$ value.

Mosley now has a career record of 44-4 very respectable. Actually Mosley is already Filthy Rich from his earlier days when he was King of the Hill fighting and beating the likes of De La Hoya and Vargas. Remember them. Mosley certainly does. He’s got the DOLLARS to prove it.

Now Mosley has Mayweather on his mind and in his sights

Unfortunately for Shane MAYweather already has a MAY Bout planned against the often notorious Oscar De La Hoya. And here is an even Bigger Problem. Floyd Mayweather is saying he will retire after his Bout with Oscar win or lose. The good news is that what a Boxer says is about as reliable and credible as listening to President Bush speak. About anything.

In reality statements aside expect Mosley and Mayweather to Clash if not late this year maybe this time next year. That Pay Day will be just too BIG for both of them from pay-for-view on HBO not to spend less than an hour working inside a ring for both of them to make far more than a Million. In the meantime Shane Mosley has any number of credible opponents to choose from. Shane will be back on pay-for-view soon enough later this year with Somebody.

For now the Light is Shining

Bright for Shane Mosley

Aretha Franklin should

come on about now and sing

a rousing stomping rendition of

RESPECT in Shane’s honor

he earned that Respect and more

Saturday night in Vegas

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