Outta Control Wrestling

By Al Rage
Updated: February 13, 2007

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Houston, Texas … There was a time when wrestling ruled Houston. But that was long before it became the fourth largest city in America.

Even though wrestling no longer rules and competes with the city’s NBA, WNBA, and hockey championship teams, Outta Control Wrestling (OCW) is capitalizing on the demand stimulated by the WWF and WCW’s promotional performances in Houston.

In 1997, another former Nation of Domination member, King Ali and I founded OCW.

OCW is a group of high risk wild and crazy wrestling professional with an alias like Major Pest, Chocolate Lover, Slap Shot and Dozier. There is one white guy named Kevin Rhodes.

Most OCW matches have little or no rules. Therefore the wrestlers must be in top condition to endure the physical demands of weapons such as bullwhips and concrete. The group has acquired a reputation for holding what they call Texas Street Fights. The ring is set-up outside on the street. And then there’s OCW’s Street Fights performed without a ring and pads, simply a barricade, concrete, and weapons.

The group has performed in Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi. Their largest audience was a crowd of about 4000 at Houston’s Astrodome Astrohall.

Explaining the importance of making live wrestling available for everyone, co founder King Ali said, “We produce a series of wrestling matches for our South Side Throw Down program.” Talking fast he added, “we basically take live professional performances to economically challenged communities.”

In 1999, OCW organized the first live broadcast of wrestling for KNWS Channel 51. In fact, the group has produced a weekly television wrestling program since 1997.

In October OCW took wrestling back downtown with the $10,000 Bayou Beat Down, a ten man Battle Royal, including former NBA star Robert Reid and former NFL and boxing personality Alonzo Highsmith. The event was sponsored by the ar lena richardson agency, Harlon’s Bayou Blues, and Exodus Magazine.

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