Outta Control Wrestling

By Al Rage
Updated: February 13, 2007


D'Lo BrownBooker T.Houston, Texas …The WWF and WCW bounced into H-Town back-to-back this week.

It’s Monday and follow me backstage with the WWF.

Let’s ask D-lo Brown how he likes pimping. His reply, “More money, more lights, and more girls.”

D-lo looks completely out of place with the Godfather. I’ve traveled with D-lo on the road, and he’s naturally very shy and low-key. I hope he gets an opportunity to perform as a character HE is comfortable being.

Although everything backstage appears to be running smoothly, it saddens me to see the suits in the back maybe black but the skin is still all white.

It’s Tuesday night and We can get away with calling the WCW’s performance “extremely boring.” One match out of eight keeps me awake. With all the unsigned talent in this business, why am I watching this show with fifty Boy Scouts, too ashamed to let them know that I’m a champion wrestler.

The biggest waste of good wrestling talent gone down the drain is Big T. He was a big star at one time. After two years of hiding and gaining sixty pounds, Big T lacks endurance. He attempts wrestling moves he can no longer produce. Big T needs to make big changes to compete and excel at this level, or he can expect to fail very quickly . Real champions are real in and outside the ring.


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