One For Booker, and One For the Books

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: February 13, 2007
Booker T.
Booker T.

NEW JERSEYOn this edition of In The Black, I’ll start with Booker T., and then on to some more traditional wrestling stuff. On next Thursday’s Smackdown, Booker will get a rematch from Judgement Day with the one and only Undertaker.

Since Booker has gotten pushed over guys such as Goldberg and Chris Benoit in WCW, it would not completely shock me to see him win a match against one of the WWE’s most respected wrestlers.

However, even with The Rock out of the picture, I’m not sure that there’s room at the top of Vince McMahon’s pyramid for yet another Black champion, which he would have to seriously look at, if Book were to get the push. All of the Booker T. fans might want to tune in next week. This one could go either way.

As for the more traditional news, at Bad Blood – the WWE’s next pay-per-view, Triple H and Shawn Michaels will go head-to-head in the most brutal match in the business today. It will be Hell in a Cell on June 13th, as just maybe, this feud will finally come to an end. In one of the biggest hate feuds in recent memory, each man has their own set of highlights. Michaels defeated Triple H at SummerSlam and Survivor Series in 2002, with the latter giving him the World Heavyweight Championship.

As for “The Game”, his accomplishments are many, including putting Michaels temporarily out of commission with his trademark sledgehammer at the aforementioned SummerSlam 2002. However, 2004 has just not been HHH’s year.

He has already lost his championship to Chris Benoit at WrestleMania XX, was traded to Smackdown in the draft lottery, defeated by Shelton Benjamin twice, and then lost last week’s #1 contender’s battle royal to Kane, courtesy of Michaels.

So, it’s time to finish it, once and for all. It will be a classic, to be sure. Thing about a classic, though, is that it’s usually one that can’t be topped. For the sake of the wrestling fans, after June 13th, I hope they don’t try.

That’s my story for this week. Catch you next time – peace…