OCw’s New Hardcore Champion

By Al Rage
Updated: February 13, 2007


Major PestHouston, Texas — After years of military training, martial arts, amateur wrestling, and two years as a professional wrestler, Major Pest marched into Outta Control Wrestling (OCW). He is the new OCW Hardcore Champion defeating the bullish Tank Baller.

Commenting about his recent triumph over Baller, Pest said, “I am making and will continue to make a big impact on OCW. With focused intensity and determination, he added, “Although I am one of the smaller OCW competitors, I am also one of the more aggressive. And too many forget that. It isn’t the size of the in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

Pest has been wrestling since he was twelve years old. He was playing football,but wanted to try an individual sport . Remembering he said, “My brother helped me to start wrestling. I wrestled successfully in Junior High School and while enlisted with the military.”

Major Pest spends his spare time hanging out and reading. He particularly enjoys participating in charitable activities and fundraisers He is a volunteer coach and hugger for Special Olympics. ” I will tell you one thing, there is no greater pleasure than to watch Special Olympians cross that finish line and see the happiness in their eyes,” he said describing the rewards of working with physically and mentally challenged youth. Adding, “They are all winners with hearts of lions.”

Pest admires in the Special Olympians the very quality he possesses himself – an unshakable passion and fortitude to achieve.

He single with no children, and although his retirement from professional wrestling will not happen for a long time, Pest said, “After wrestling I’ll relax and start a family, become an actor or a commentator.”