NY Yankees Discover China But Can’t Find Harlem

Updated: February 1, 2007



It turns out

Beijing China is far closer

to Yankee Stadium than

Harlem or any

Inner City in America

How did we come to that bizarre conclusion. Easy all we have to do is track the travels and more the statements of executives who work for them. Trust us Yankees brass has NEVER stood on the corner of 125th Street in Manhattan and made the kind of statements they have in China this week.

Yes the New York Yankees have officially discovered China even if few of the 1.3 Billion Chinese have ever seen a baseball let alone a baseball game. Yes those God Fearing American Loving Yankee Doodle Dandys will be going ALL out to develop baseball talent in China that they hope one day soon will be wearing Yankees uniforms no how much it costs or what they must do.

You see George Steinbrenner and

His Yankees are on a Mission

Baseball Diplomacy

At the very same time African Americans continue to disappear from Baseball. Of course the Yankees have very light skinned half African American Derek Jeter to call their own. Then again Old Bernie Williams will probably not be back.. But look what the Yankees are going to do for the far off Chinese.

Here is what NY Yankee President Randy Levine, General Manager Bryan Cashman and others Yankee officials said live in Beijing this week ….

” The New York Yankees agreed Tuesday to send coaches, scouts and trainers to China to help boost interest in baseball, furthering a push by the major leagues into one of the world’s fastest growing sports markets.”

” Under the agreement, the government backed Chinese Baseball Association will send staff to the Yankees’ facilities in New York and Tampa, Fla., while Yankees personnel will assist the Chinese national team and others. Yankees president Randy Levine said he hopes to start sending coaches and other staff to China “in a few months.”

The platitudes and the superlatives continued throughout the trip. With one ambitious statement and commitment after another. And with the mantra over and over and over again ” China is a country that is clearly important to us as we look to develop around the world.”

Hooray for the Chinese !

more Baseball Power to them

So what if the Chinese Baseball League is a complete flop and the Chinese could not care less at the moment. We wish everyone well but that is not the Point is it. It is the different incredibly different way the Yankees and all of Major League Baseball look upon the Chinese 8000 miles away and places like Harlem in New York City that can be easily seen from the upper deck of Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees will be building, staffing and funding Baseball Training Facilities all over China in the coming years and sending Yankee coaches, executives and other staff there on a regular basis to build interest and develop players for the future in China and Chinese who will one day wear Yankee uniforms.

While they do absolutely NOTHING in African AMERICAN communities to STOP African Americans from DISAPPEARING from Baseball. Oh yes they all contribute to Rachel Robinson’s Fell Good Foundation which has absolutely nothing to do with Baseball and they all “get down on their knees” every April 15th to “honor” (sic) Jackie Robinson and they give out free tickets for the bleachers once or twice a year. For the weakest games.

But IF they did just 10% of what they do in Latin America and are beginning to do in Europe, Japan and now China we would have a rich crop of African American talent in Baseball once again. How about a Baseball Camp and SuperDuper Training Center in Harlem. But that s the Point isn’t it.

The LAST thing the Yankees and Major League Baseball wants ever again is for 30% – 40% of the Players to be Black because there isn’t any profit in it. African American fans are not the affluent fans they want nor do African Americans look like the fans they want in the Stands. And the LAST place they want to export Baseball is Africa itself. NO profit there at all.

We’re not trying to be

so called Polyannas here

( a White term )

thinking it can change

if we expose the BS

just keeping the record


here in the Box

We’re not going to let

the Yankees and MLB

bake their cake

and eat it too




not here

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