Now It’s Venus’ Turn Wins Big In Memphis

Updated: February 26, 2007



Losing is a real career Booster

when you come back to Win again

now it’s true of both Williams’ sisters

With Venus’ smashing Victory in Memphis on Saturday evening in the Cellular South Cup beating the top seed in the Tournament Israeli’s Shahar Peer. No it was not one of the 4 Opens but it will do nicely to put Venus back on the Tennis Map along with Serena who put herself back there in Australia.

The meaning of both their victories is that for the first time in 2 years both Serena and Venus will be gunning for Big Vs in Paris, London and New York the remaining 3 Grand Slams of Tennis. Both Williams have now crafted a new chapter to their Tennis Exploits. One that few of us expected.

They were dead and buried

or so it sure seemed

And guess what they really were. Between their loss of interest in the game, lack of practice, numerous injuries and younger competitors no one has to apologize for believing it was Over for the Williams Sisters. It was !

Whether from pure desire

or they’ve been watching

The Secret DVD

It doesn’t matter they have put adrenaline back in women’s tennis which is the same as saying tennis generally as the men’s game is rather anemic and the females seem to have more personality and draw more interest.

But what’s most important

It is 2 African Americans practically the only ones on the Tour and the only Black Stars who can claim also full responsibility for the recent improvement for the prospects of tennis which really is not measured in terms of weekend players who are inspired but by media coverage and television ratings for the Big Ones.

Back in Memphis Tennessee

“home” of another young champ

Vince Young of NFL fame

Back in that very southern city Venus claimed her 34th career title on Saturday night. Even if not rated a top tier event it is Venus’ Comeback. That is all that truly matters. Her first tournament since October. This Older Williams is getting up there not yet an “old lady” but close at 26 on Tennis Years.

For all her efforts this past week in Memphis she earned a paltry $28,000 for winning. Lunch money for the likes of this Tennis Diva but better than the ham sandwich or whatever the early round losers must have gotten

So where next Venus

You must be long gone from Memphis by now

we could yap on and one but who cares

the point has been clearly made

in our usual entertaining way

we’ve done better at Profiling

ups and down of the Williams

than anyone else no need

to repeat ourselves and

waste cyber-space

our final question where the heck is

Russian American Maria Sharapova

the answer is Who Cares

we’ve got Serena & Venus

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