No Love Lost For Valentines Day New Giant GM Fires Arrows

Updated: February 14, 2007


You would think he might

wait until AFTER

St. Valentine’s Day

but not Jerry Reese

Indeed ( even if a day early ) call it the Valentine Day Massacre to be dramatic and taking license (literary) in that only 3 players felt his cold arrows in the desolation of the Jersey Meadowlands in winter. Where some people believe Jimmy Hoffa met his End and now lies below the Giants Gridiron.

This is a Valentine’s Day Story about Love as well because in fact the New Jersey Giants have fallen for Jerry Reese which ironically today put the Bow & Arrow in his hands and left them dripping with the RED Blood of those Cut !

What the heck is this dude talking about

and what a stretch to come up

with a Valentine’s Day story

more like Friday the 13th

Well don’t blame us. The editor wanted a VALENTINE’S Day story. You try writing a VALENTINE’S Day story about sports. Be grateful. Now can we get back to the Story. You can tell a different story to your Honey.

You see this does make sense we owed Jerry Reese a Box ever since he was appointed General Manager of the Jersey Giants but he kept getting bumped for people like Serena Williams and Barack Obama among lots of others. You probably already know Reese is now the FIRST African American GM of the Giants one of only 3 Black GMs currently. The 3rd in NFL history.

Reese has released starting linebacker LaVar Arrington, fellow linebacker Carlos Emmons and offensive tackle Luke Petitgout. All Starters. What was their crime ? They got injured playing for the New Jersey Giants last season.

Which also highlights another point about those NFL contracts. They are WORTHLESS. Arrington got a 7 year contract last season worth $49 Million. Now after one season is is worth NOTHING at all. He can clean his rear end with it. Or wrap garbage. That’s about all it is worth. All he’s got to show is a severely damaged Achilles’ heel that may never heal.

ALL these NFL contracts – with rare exceptions for the SuperStars only – can be terminated without cause at a moment’s notice whenever the team wants. They could be 50 year contracts for a Zillion Dollars and it would not matter at all. The day it is canceled it ceases to exist. NO recourse.

Don’t expect these 3 now FORMER Starters LaVar Arrington, Carlos Emmons, and Luke Petitgout to be having memorable Valentine’s Days for themselves. After licking their wounds it is unlikely they will turn to a night of Wild Passion with their Honeys who are probably down on the floor crying wondering what is going to happen to them and their families now.

( OK more dramatic license … might as well use it )

So let’s get back to Jerry Reese. Who probably enjoys displaying his power by firing his Arrows. Proving he will not be toyed with. A rival sports media described Reese as “cold blooded and merciless” firing the 3. Expect him to be eating very expensive hand dipped chocolates with his Beloved on silk sheets in the palatial home his GM status provides him and his Sweetheart.

Reese’s rise has been fairly meteoric beginning in 1994 as an unknown when he joined the Giants as a lowly scout, then rose to become player personnel director responsible for all aspects of college scouting and the NFL Draft for the Giants. Now he has the most important job of all General Manager.

At 43 there are even some who are those most impressed with Jerry Reese’s talent who can envision him becoming the next NFL Commissioner and of course First Black Commissioner. That may be over the Top but if 8 years from now its President Barack Obama in The White House ( renamed The Black House ) if current Commissioner Roger Goodell takes early retirement and all those 32 White NFL owners are invited to the Oval Office who knows.

For now we’ll stick with Valentine’s Day and

the memories that Jerry Reese has left

with 3 now former Giant players

to always remember the day

just call Reese Cupid

shooting his Arrows

of Fleeting Love

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