Nepotism, Racism In The WWF?

By Al Rage
Updated: February 13, 2007


Houston, Texas…How does a two time Women’s Champion, with ten years experience, lose her title to someone who isn’t remotely considered a professional athlete?

Although Jacqueline, a Black WWF women’s wrestling personality, hasn’t commented, her lost title to Vince McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, has tongues wagging … nepotism, possibly racism.

The WWF considers Jacqueline to be one of its strongest female wrestlers. She has a reputation for fearlessly taking on many of the organization’s male wrestlers. She is dedicated, and she’s consistent inside and outside the ring

Her lost to Stephanie McMahon was a humongous shocker!

Stephanie isn’t even an athlete.

It seems to me, Jacqueline was her boss’ welcome mat for his daughter to unconvincingly legitimize herself.

Everybody can realistically see Jacqueline losing to China, Sable, or even Luna, but not Stephanie McMahon … come on. Is this what has become of the WWF? … of professional wrestling.

I’m sure the lost to Vince’s daughter affected Jacqueline mentally, particularly after a successful ten year career and two championships. But then … maybe we’re suppose to feel sad or angry about her lost.

Maybe this blatant act of nepotism, and some say racism, will sell a few extra tickets.

So what if it is … the year 2000! … All Black athletes have a long battle ahead.

Trust me, “generation x” … don’t believe the hype. Jacqueline’s loss is symbolic of how much every Black athlete needs support from Black fans.

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