Major League Baseball’s Outrageous Propaganda Machine

Updated: February 5, 2007




There is a saying in politics

if you say a Lie often enough

it will ultimately be believed

George Bush & Dick Cheney’s

very favorite saying and

Bud Selig’s too

MLB’s never ending propaganda campaign to convince America and the world that MLB is going all out for African Americans is a LIE we will continue to expose at every turn and there are so many.

Our theory here in the Box is that Selig and the Boys do it as a perverse form of entertainment for themselves mocking the American people and the media and all African Americans most of all. What provokes today’s latest Truth Meter here is MLB’s most recent announcement in “honor” of Black History Month.

An excuse apparently for MLB

to unveil its biggest insult ever

YES comparing Bud Selig to Nelson Mandela THAT’S RIGHT. Of course the comparison is surgically worded but the intent is perfectly clear. We are going to quote this tidbit and others from Baseball’ s Black History Month message.

To make sure this BS does not go unchallenged

Ready for this from their release ….

” On the shelf behind Commissioner Bud Selig’s desk in Major League Baseball’s western office sits a bronze bust of Nelson Mandela, the former South African president who spent 27 years as a prisoner, fighting apartheid in his home country ….. Selig certainly doesn’t equate himself to Mandela, but during his more than 14 years as Commissioner, he has strived to better integrate and diversify MLB.”

First of all any Dumbie knows when you relate 2 people and then “modestly” claim the second doesn’t really equate himself with the other OF COURSE HE DOES especially when followed by a statement meant to emphasize it.

Call it the art of the Con Bud Selig style

Now listen to what Selig then said ….”I am proud of what we’ve done. But we can do better. I want to say that at the outset. We can do much better.” Then why aren’t you doing better Bud. During those 14 years Bud Selig contends he is so proud of there has been the biggest decline in African American players and Black fans since the integration of Baseball in 1947. While during this same 14 year period Major League Baseball and the 30 teams have literally spent hundreds of millions on baseball programs in Latin America.

Here is Bud Selig’s own list of what MLB is doing for African Americans. 1) celebrating the one year anniversary of the ONLY inner city baseball academy in the USA ( with no more on the horizon ), 2) hosting the first annual so called Civil Rights exhibition baseball game this spring, 3) orchestrating ceremonies on April 15th for the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson becoming the first African American to play Major League Baseball.

WOW Bud please you are doing too much

it must be true you really are

Baseball’s Nelson Mandela

you’re too modest

Here is the Truth. It is a toss up between Bud Selig and NCAA President Myles Brand who is the Biggest Hypocrite in American Sports today. These two Masters of Lip Service. Bud tell us why there are NO African American owners in Major League Baseball. Bud tell us why there is only ONE Black General Manger in Major League Baseball. Bud tell us why there are only TWO Black Managers in Major League Baseball. Bud tell us why there are only TWO African American Umpires in Major League Baseball. Bud tell us why NO Major League teams have more than THREE African Americans on their roster. Why most have TWO or less and why some may have none at all during the 2007 as the 2005 National League Champion Houston Astros did.

Let’s repeat that quote from MLB again ……

” during his more than 14 years as Commissioner, he has strived to better integrate and diversify MLB.”

And how about this from MLB …

” While Black History Month is celebrated only in February, baseball’s efforts to diversify are year-round, and the spotlight may shine brightest on March 31 when the inaugural Civil Rights Game will be played in Memphis, the city in which Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968…..”

” But the event is about more than just the game on the field. The two-day festivities will feature a civil rights panel discussion on March 30; players and civic leaders conducting tours through the National Civil Rights Museum; a luncheon honoring the Civil Rights Movement, and the inaugural game itself.”

The World Champion St. Louis Cardinals who will be featured in the “civil rights” game had only ONE African American playing at all during the entire 2006 World Series and he was platooned. The Cardinals did not have a single Black pitcher on their roster as most teams don’t.

And think about this Major League Baseball and Bud Selig proclaiming its interest in more African Americans in Baseball won’t even mention the possibility of instituting a common sense Rooney Rule as the NFL has at least requiring that one “minority” candidate be interviewed for any managerial openings. NOT IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. Don’t even think about it.

So while Baseball continues to pump ever more funding into Latin America and now Europe and China, Inner City America is left with one half hearted “baseball academy” nothing at all like the all inclusive intense academies flourishing in Latin America. In addition to a Baseball Rooney Rule if ……

……. there was any sincerity here to discuss MLB would require each of the 30 MLB teams to establish an Inner City Baseball Academy near their operation just as EVERY single one of the 30 MLB teams has at least one and some multiple baseball academies in Latin America.

And as always there is the issue of African American Umpires in Major League Baseball a subject the Box has covered exhaustively for 5 years. Of 70 full time MLB Umpires only TWO are African American. And never have there ever been more than TWO and there has not been a new Black MLB Umpire added to that roster in almost 10 years.

There is No doubt NO DOUBT AT ALL that IF Bud Selig wanted he could GUARANTEE that at least 10% or just 7 MLB Umpires be African American with a rather simple recruiting and training campaign. BUT MLB AND BUD SELIG DO NOTHING TO CORRECT THE LACK OF AFRICAN AMERICAN MLB UMPIRES. NOTHING AT ALL.

So while the rest of the Media

sucks up to the MLB Propaganda Machine

at least you have one source of Truth

exposing the Truth about Bud Selig

and the Boys of Summer

Bud we are the ones

truly honoring

Jackie Robinson

telling the Truth

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….