Lebron and Microsoft Team Up On Website

Updated: February 20, 2007



LeBron James did more

than practice his Jump Shot

( aka play in the All Star game )

and hit the tables in Las Vegas

( if he indeed did )

LeBron took time to Launch

his new Website furnished him

by Bill Gates & Microsoft

What it is most of all is another example of the ever evolving nature of the Internet and athletes getting ever more sophisticated in their use of this Medium. Soon very soon every well known if not lesser known athlete will be as known if not more known by the quality of their Website as anything else.

We are likely to see a new burst

of Internet creativity resulting

Whether or not that creativity has any more value that the endless athlete focused television commercials we constantly see remains to be see. As we know or as “they” tell us hope springs eternal.

Another issue emerging not as obvious may be the coming struggle between leagues, teams and players over control of players presence on the Internet. There is economic advantage for leagues and teams to get the players to sign away their “Internet rights” in return for those lucrative contracts.

It makes just as much sense for players to insist on keeping complete control over how they allow themselves to be presented on the Internet. Most of all branding themselves with powerful enticing Websites that for some athletes might develop into a huge source of income for them if they attract large numbers of visitors not only in the U.S. but worldwide.

As players add lucrative advertising contracts to their Websites, membership fees, and their personal on line stores that might sell anything under the sun. With each new function on the Website income may grow and grow.

Even more as an athlete’s Website becomes the focus of defining their image and their appeal to fans that will also translate into their value for teams and for advertisers and for endorsement deals. Going just a step further a successful Athlete Website can be profitable “gateways” into any other business they might be involved with be it their own restaurant, or anything else.

Taking it further outstanding athlete Websites might even sustain players long after their active careers end sort of a virtual “autograph session” available 24/7 where former players can book themselves for all sorts of activities from speaking engagements to golf games to you name it.

With their Website keeping them and and their names and their careers “alive” well past their playing days for some even past their time on this earth beyond the Grave their Websites becoming money producing assets for their estates.

Now back to the present and

LeBron James’ new Website

in his own words …

“I’ve always wanted to have a place where kids can see all aspects of my personality — where I can really talk with them about where I came from, what I do, what I have achieved in my life and what my goals are, Kids can follow me on a day-to-day basis, and I want to inspire them.”

Whether or not those are LeBron’s true sentiments or his public relations agent or Microsoft putting words in his mouth is unclear. But if you believe MIcrosoft vice president Joann Bradford “It’s his voice. We are doing it exactly the way he wants it. It’s not about selling anything.”

James added “Anytime I enter a partnership or become part of a family, it’s with someone I share the same values with. It’s no different with Microsoft. This is a great opportunity to make people happy.” At the same time it is reported James has a total of more than $ 150 Million in endorsement deals with the likes of Nike, Sprite and yes of course Microsoft who sees him as a Spokesman.

Rather than telling you any more

if you are interested you can

judge LeBron’s Website

for yourself at


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