KT’s “In The Black” Report

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: February 13, 2007
Booker T.
Booker T.

NEW JERSEY—In a good old fashioned matchup, Chris Benoit retains his World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Shawn Micheals on Monday Night Raw – with some help from Triple H. As long as “The Game” is in his prime, he will always be in the title picture, so it goes.

Speaking of Triple H, he has a third match with Shelton Benjamin in the next installment of Raw. Don’t expect Benjamin to defeat the “franchise player” for a third time, under any circumstances. Actually, the only way I see that happening is to set up a complex storyline that sees HHH getting over anyway. Much luck to Shelton, though.

As for Booker T., he will battle with the legendary Undertaker at Judgement Day, which of course, is a Smackdown pay-per-view. Now, I don’t know if witch doctors, or anything of the supernatural variety will help to push Booker, but seeing that this is another no-win situation against another franchise player, it surely couldn’t hurt.

By the way, it seems that we have a few people missing in action over the last few months. Has anyone seen Mark Henry at all? Not even a word on how is rehab is doing from his injuries. Then, there’s Theodore Long. He’s the only Black manager that wrestling has seen in a long time, and now, he has disappeared from the scene. Not sure what to make of it, but hopefully, things will pick up for him.

Ernest “The Cat” Miller has come and gone from the WWE, pretty much without a trace. For a moment, he was tangling with the almighty Vince McMahon. Now, it looks like he’s tangling with employment. NWA-TNA could do a lot worse than to pick him up, even for a short term.

In the aforementioned NWA-TNA, I just wanted to update the D’ Lo Brown situation. He was one half of the tag team champions, and a week later, he was not. Last week, it was time for him to redeem himself and his partner Apollo, and regain the gold. No success was found, as D’ Lo and Apollo lost their “Nightstick on a Pole” match. Better luck for D’ Lo in the future.

That’s the short and skinny for this week’s “in The Black”. Peace…