John Cena: Hero or Hype?

By Korbid Thompson
Updated: February 13, 2007
Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin

NEW JERSEY— In the wrestling world this week, there are a couple of instances gone by that should be touched on, even if it’s only for a brief moment, or two. We have probably figured out by now that Black people are not asked for their opinions very often – if at all, hence the forums such as the one here at BASN. So, in any wrestling circle, does it surprise anyone that the past two #1 contenders for the WWE’s secondary championships( U.S. title and IC title) came away empty handed?

No more than a month ago, Shelton Benjamin was taking Monday Night Raw by storm. Now, if his name is ever mentioned on WWE television again, consider it one of those famed minor miracles. Here was a young, dynamic superstar with all of the collegiate credentials of a Brock Lesnar or a Kurt Angle, but I guess there just wasn’t that “crossover” appeal. One of these days, Vince McMahon will learn that it’s okay to have a few more African-Americans in prominent positions. Hopefully, it’s before he’s dead.

If there is currently a crossover star in the WWE, Booker T. is the guy. Yeah, guys like John Cena and Eddie Guerrero have their own audiences, but Booker has been able to entertain the wrestling public far and wide for many years now. You would think that the WWE boys would have known that by now, and not be afraid to let Booker run with the ball, or in this case, the United States Championship. If there’s one thing that Vince should take from WCW – and believe me, there aren’t a whole lot of things to take from there – it’s that this is the guy who ultimately became the flagship of the company, even in it’s final days of existence.

In any event, when it’s all over, Booker will not have to be second fiddle to anyone. His credentials between both WCW and the WWE will speak volumes on their own.

Not much going on in NWA-TNA, other than Ron “The Truth” Killings still chasing after Jeff Jarrett to try and recapture the NWA World Championship. I wonder if those guys would be willing to play double jeopardy, and give Killings another run with the title? It would be interesting to find out.

Talk to you later…