Is This Really A Sports Story Is Beyonce An Athlete

Updated: February 17, 2007


Yes an African American on the Cover

of the 2007 SI Swimsuit Issue now

if ONLY we can make this

into a SPORTS story

Even to get this far we had to darken the Sports Illustrated cover so Beyonce really looked African American. You would not have known it from the “original” cover. Beyonce certainly had no trouble looking Black in “DreamGirls” and just about everywhere else she appears but Sports Illustrated.

But let’s stay positive

How often does an African American appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s most “important” (sic) rather let’s say most popular and most important of all most PROFITABLE issue. How often ? You tell us and we don’t mean in the “special” issues only distributed in Black “zipcodes.” And the answer is the current talk show host the ‘fabulous’ Tyra Banks did 10 years ago.

But that still does not make

this a sports story ?

See we have gotten ourselves quickly mired into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue NON-controversy in that no one really cares whether or not putting out a SWIMSUIT issue under the banner of a “respectable” SPORTS magazine makes any sense. More importantly to us they have a Sister on the Cover.

And who’s to say Beyonce isn’t an athlete anyway. Maybe your definition of athlete is just too damn rigid for your own good. Did you see her go through her moves in “DreamGirls.” How about her stage act. There is a lot of movement going on. When she wants to. And do you doubt Beyonce plays sports in her spare time. Do you have to be a professional athlete to be considered an ATHLETE.

What about all those young African Americans playing NCAA college basketball and all the guys playing college football they are NOT professional athletes either. Just ask NCAA Prez Myles Brand. But we still call them athletes don’t we. Ever see Beyonce play Beach Volleyball in front of her multi-million dollar vacation estate Somewhere ? She plays a mean game we hear.

Here in the Box we don’t think Sports Illustrated has anything to apologize for. Those Hotties featured in the Swimsuit Issue are athletes in their own right and by the way their finely tuned bodies are more proof. Any member of Team USA would be proud to have one of those Bodies. Or all of them.

The closest we’ll come to criticizing Sports Illustrated other than “lightening” Beyonce’s cover photo is to ask the obvious are the women really being treated fairly – we mean the female readers of SI – if they don’t get a companion issue they will want to examine with the same care the guys do this issue ?

We’ll leave that for others to decide

What we know are the facts

YES Swimming is a Sport

YES these women sure

look like Athletes

YES Beyonce is on

The SI Cover and

YES she is Black

time for us to go

and “read” SI

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….


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