Is The Rock Rockin the WWF?

By Al Rage
Updated: February 13, 2007

The RockHouston, Texas… The Rock is the biggest star in professional wrestling. His match on Wrestle Mania was the biggest moneymaker in pay-per view history. Arguably, he is the most popular wrestler in the world.

The Rock is 6’5″ tall and weighs 275 pounds. He replaced Stone Cold Steve Austin as the number one wrestling star. He’s been seen on Star Track, Saturday Nite Live, and The Jay Leno Show.

Has the Rock out grown the WWF?

He stars in the Mummy Two. Everyone knows, the Rock is Hollywood material. He could the next big box office and retail merchandising super action hero.

It appears that jealousy is already starting to set in at the WWF. I watched Monday Nite Raw, and it seems there are deliberate tactics being implemented to downsize his popularity.

The Rock played college football at the University of Miami, along with former NFL running back and professional boxer Alonzo Highsmith.

Highsmith encourages me to continue my professional wrestling career. We were discussing how popular wrestling has become. He recalled how fellow teammates at the University of Miami didn’t take the Rock’s interest in professional wrestling seriously.

Now that’s from under the ring. Next week I’ll profile OCW’s King Ali.