Houston Admits Its Stupidity Sort Of Dumps Carr

Updated: February 16, 2007


The White Sports Media

is too far gone to even

Comment about

the DUMBEST decision

in Sports History certainly

NFL history

We certainly have here a number of times. There is nothing quite comparable to Houston Texans owner Bob McNair passing up Vince Young even Reggie Bush but especially Houstonian Vince Young to keep Quarterback Impersonator David Carr as their Starting Quarterback last season. And picking up up his very expensive option to do so !

Now low and behold with the season barely over down in Houston at Texans headquarters and in Houston David Carr is being called nothing short of a Flunky and the word is out David Carr is OUT as Houston Quarterback ANYBODY can have PLEASE take him for the asking for as little as a late round draft pick. Or don’t even bother he’ll be out on the side of the road and you can offer him anything you like. Or nothing to suit up for your team.

Here is what one leading sports journalist in Houston had to say about Carr’s play for Houston, ” In his five years in Houston, the Texans went 23-53 in games Carr played in, and he was sacked an astonishing 249 times. “Yes Sports Fans he and the other members of the Houston sports establishment who did not get worked up at all let alone get indignant that word was out long before the 2006 Draft took place that the Texans would NOT Draft Vince Young. That they put their confidence and their future in David Carr’s wobbly hands.. God help us.

Well since they are not going to admit it for themselves neither the Texas Houston ownership or management nor the Houston media we will do it for them. For free. They all made an HISTORIC blunder. And as we charged when it was happening and as we will again here Vince Young’s “problem” was a triple one being a Houston native, wildly popular in Houston and BLACK.

That’s right based on a similar set of circumstances …..

Vince Young leading the University of Texas to the National Championship, being one of the finest young Quarterback talents in the nation and being a Houstonian if Vince Young had been WHITE then Texas would have dumped Carr LAST season in a heart beat taking Young as the very first choice in the 2006 Draft announcing it long before that Draft took place late April 2006.

But Houston has lots of Black players ?

They even ended up drafting an African American as their #1 Draft choice. Yes that is all true. And it is just as true there are lots of positions and players on every NFL team and then there is their QUARTERBACK. A unique position in all of sports with the individual holding that Starting Position being the very Face of the team and the single most important player getting the most attention.

It was and is our contention that Vince Young literally “owning” Houston a very Black city as a native of the city himself and after winning the National Championship but a city with White Leadership …….

…….. giving Vince Young all the POWER he would have commanded as the successful young Quarterback who led the Houston Texans out of last place and toward Glory was just too much for the city “fathers” (sic) generally and Houston Texans owner Bob McNair specifically to bear especially since they didn’t have to if they simply did not Draft Young. And that didn’t.

And so as we all know the NFL team with the Third Draft Choice the Tennessee Titans Drafted Vince Young who went on to have one of the finest rookie seasons any Quarterback in NFL history has ever had with Young almost taking the lowly Titans to the Play-offs and winning NFL Rookie of the Year honors almost unheard of for a Quarterback in the NFL and to do so easily beating out the Saints Reggie Bush and other rookie NFL standouts.

Now the question is what will Houston do

or as astronauts are known for saying from space

” Houston we have a problem ”

The rumors are flying they will snare Jake Plummer from the Denver Broncos where he has been Starting QB before losing that job to rookie Jay Cutler, but the dissenters are already lining up in Houston. Especially since Denver will not consider it a big loss. They are helping him pack. Even more Plummer is a 10 year NFL veteran. That means in NFL “years” his best years are behind him.

If they are lucky maybe they get 2 or 3 reasonable seasons out of Jake the Plummer. Then what supposedly just as the Texans are rebuilding and maybe things looking up they go into the Draft then and start rebuilding the rebuilding with a Rookie QB or do they go out and look for another Jake Plummer ‘look alike’ and get 2 or 3 seasons out of him. What is the Point ? That is not a theory for Quarterback supremacy and one who will take them to the SuperBowl.

Yes you know where we are headed with this ….

Houston may decide to use their #8 First Round Draft Choice to find their Quarterback of the Future. At least take a chance on one who might become that QB. Now a lot of prognosticators think Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson will still be out there and that Houston will scoop him up. As for a Quarterback instead well over rated Golden Boy Brady Quinn from ND will be long gone. So Houston can’t even dream about him. Barring a Miracle.

Yes you are right ……

Who is that Quarterback that doesn’t show up in any of the First Round projections of the many Draft lists to be found on the Internet. Yes indeed none other than Heisman Winner and now invisible Ohio State QB Troy Smith.

Houston may well be tempted maybe more than that to Draft Smith since he is almost guaranteed to still be available and before another Quarterback deficient team yes even the Bears decides Smith is worth a Draft Choice to see if he might be as good in the NFL as he was at Ohio State winning the Heisman.

Wouldn’t that be Ironic after rejecting Black Quarterback Vince Young the Houston Texans coming back the next year and Drafting Black Quarterback Troy Smith. Here is the Difference. Troy Smith is NO Vince Young in that he will never ever “own” Houston the way Young would have.

We’ll see what we will see

but stranger things have happened

in sports and beyond

what is clear to us

NFL Scouting Combine

coming up February 22 – 28

where prospects are under

the microscope of NFL teams

is looming large very large

for one Troy Smith

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